Monday, May 22, 2017

Today was no better, on the domestic front.

I did, however, finish off the first of the back shoulder short-row sections of the Polliwog, and may be able to do the other tomorrow and start picking up stitches for a sleeve. Am I dragging my feet a bit here, for fear of having to make a decision or two about the future?

Yoke sweaters seem to be everywhere in Andrew & Andrea. I feel greatly drawn – and have two, here, ready in stash and Marie Wallin’s “Lovage” pattern still calling to me.

I have been thinking somewhat about meticulousness – which Andrea certainly has and I certainly haven’t. She would never have abandoned the Stillwater project.

I think I’m nearly up to date with A&A. I’m watching Episode 23, the one with Deb Robson – and I think when I’ve seen that, there will be nothing for me but to wait for the next episode. I saw all the intervening ones in my initial flurry of excitement. The standard is very high.


My front-step garden was seriously advanced today. I had meant to work out there while the cleaner was here, dusting and ironing. But she came out too. She is Romanian; we lack a common language. We can communicate nearly-perfectly, but can’t gossip. She is very strong and intelligent.

So last year’s pots and troughs have been emptied and re-filled with fresh compost; seeds planted; everything tidied. There are a couple of tweaks to come, but essentially, the job is done, and affords me much pleasure. And Daniella got the dusting and ironing done as well. 


  1. skeindalous10:24 PM

    I just bought yarn to make 'Lovage'! Go for it...

  2. =Tamar12:00 AM

    I think the problem with Starmore's Stillwater is that it doesn't reverse, so it's asymmetrical even though it has repeats. It's like a Buchanan tartan.
    Lovage is a nice pattern.

  3. You definitely need to do the Lovage pattern. If I knitted other people's patterns it would be the sort of thing which would tempt me.

  4. I'm sorry things aren't good with your husband. I really hope the situation improves for you both.

    Jenny xoxo

  5. I'm sorry things aren't good with your husband. I really hope the situation improves for you both.

    Jenny xoxo

  6. As usual, I think Tamar nailed it. The soothing rhythm is missing in some of those gorgeous Starmore sweaters. I started a heavily cabled sweater until I discovered how much cabling was done on the wrong side. Too much work for me! Glad you had some assistance with the heavy lifting in the front.