Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Thank you indeed for that link, Mary Lou – comment yesterday. How long did they have to wait for the weather, to make that one? I’ve heard of Mati V. I think she makes it sound a bit easier than it is. And the trouble with machine knitting (which I’ve never done, but have often been tempted by) must be that you’re left with nothing but the boring bits like the weaving-in.

We’ve had another tough day here. I worry especially about my husband’s lack of appetite. I called our GP and a dr came – we’re no forrad’er.

I’ve been knitting the swatch-scarf. It’s pretty well long enough by now to serve as a scarf – especially if I added fringes at either end. Oh, dear – do I have to?

I’ve been re-trying the sub fusc scheme which Alexander prefers (I'm not sure I don't agree) and throwing blue across the centre of the lozenges for the “pop” -- the blue that my neighbour & friend gave me recently, some will remember, from his father’s sheep.

And I encountered today a phenomenon which I have met before: I knit half a lozenge, everything has been established, all I have to do is to count down in the opposite direction – surely I can now judge how things are shaping up? But again and again, including today, everything looks different when the lozenge is finished.

The issue today was that blue across the centre. When I did it, it was scarcely distinguishable. And boring, if you could make it out. Now, it’s really rather good.

I’ve been consoling such moments as have been available, with Andrea and Andrew. I watched an episode about the “Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater”. Alas, they didn’t really address the issue, but showed us toe-curling snippets from an episode of Ozzie and Harriet from the ‘50’s.

It reminded me how glad I am, for all that I grumble about old age and its burdens, that every day carries me further away from the 1950’s. I wonder if, in 2070 or so, old folk watching episodes of Friends will have the same feeling – Yes! That’s what we were supposed to be like! But I never quite fitted in!


  1. I'm not quite sure ANY of us really fitted in with Ozzie & Harriet. My family was always more like 'I Love Lucy' on the farm, instead.

  2. Hoping for you and your husband.

  3. I hope the appetite has returned -and I'm sure very few of us resemble any tv shows. I spent quite a bit of time as a single woman living and working in NYC. Friends it was not!

  4. =Tamar8:01 PM

    Scarves do not require fringe. Classic scarves don't have it. Also, scarves can be any length, and long ones can be sewn together to make infinity scarves.