Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I keep worrying away at that Freecell layout – but I can’t do it. How I wish I could tell you which one it is, as I could have in the old days!

We’ve had another hard day here, but essentially – no better, no worse. And not much knitting.

Sure enough, I’m up to date with Andrew and Andrea now that I’ve watched all of Episode 23 with Deb Robson. That’s a wonderfully good episode. I don’t have her book, The Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook, and I have rarely seen so many enthusiastic Amazon reviews all tagged “verified purchase”. But it’s a book for spinners (mainly, I think) and felters as well as knitters. I think I’ve got to be firm with myself again, as with Arne & Carlos’ birds. In my next life, I will take up spinning early on.

Thank you for your encouragement about the Lovage pattern. I have sent out a general alert, to see whether any of my female relatives in however remote generations, might consider actually wearing it. Remember, I’ve also got Kate Davies’ “Rachel’s Yoke” here, ready to go. And the yarn I bought from the Ginger Twist Studio, planned to make a sweater with my purchases of gradient yarns. That could well be done as a yoke.

So it would be ridiculous to rush out and buy “Lovage”. But we’ll see what they say.


  1. I'm not sure which version of Free Cell you're using, but on my version, the game number is in the upper right hand corner. I have windows 10.

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Jean, in my version of Flipboard today there is an excerpt from MasonDixonKnitting.com.which has transformed itself from a very sucessful knitting blog to a much broader magazine-like site. Maybe you have heard of it already? If not, you might want to take a look. I like it better than Flipboard. Sorry, no Freecell advice. Chloe

  3. There must be a way to figure out the number for specific freecell layouts, but I'll look on my machine at work and see if it hasn't been removed by our IT department.