Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A good day – except that I must get back to booking our holiday. The wedding this week sort of fills the mind. My dress has arrived from Toast but I haven’t tried it on yet. It looks OK, and the colour is good.

And I’ve finished the Kirigami sweater, except for finishing it. That I did try on, and I think it’s just about perfect. And blissfully comfortable, which is what one expects of madtosh. I may be able to get the finishing done while watching the second part, this evening, of the BBC documentary about Princess Margaret. It’s just a matter of a few ends and the underarm grafting.

And, of course, Andrew and Andrea have turned up on schedule, and who should their guest be but Lucy Hague! I haven’t watched it yet, just a bit at the beginning. The launch of Kate Davies’ “Haps” book was at Kathy’s Knits, just around the corner. Lucy was there, as was I, and I see that she has signed her Uncia pattern for me. I went on to knit it for my sister; it was fun.

I asked her whether she knew Dr. de Roulet’s Dunfallandy blankie (Knitty), which I was probably knitting at the time for my first great-grandchild. The great thing about that pattern is the unvention of a horizontal cable which makes a number of design elements possible. She didn’t.

I’ve nearly finished watching “Killing Eve” on my iPad. It continues good, although sort of depressing. I will feel rather foolish if part 2 does turn up on ordinary television  this weekend. Archie doesn’t think our television set is up to BBC iPlayer without additional gismos.

It is depressing to learn that “More labels” in Googlemail will be taken away from me again, although good to know that there’s a fuss about it.


  1. Good to hear that the sweater actually fits. I do think that Lucy Hague is a genius. Knitting Uncia was a completely different experience for me, with many unfamiliar manoeuvres. I believe that "Killing Eve" Part 2 will be shown this weekend, because why would you show Part 1 and not the rest of the series?

    1. That happened with an Italian detective recenty on BBC Four. After the first episode you had to go hunting for it, but at least iPlayer wasn’t involved. Not Montalbano; someone else.

  2. One does wonder who thinks a particular change is good, "Hey, let's remove the more labels option!" I was lost in the new Chrome this morning, looking for the settings option, no longer under the three dots on the upper right. And I misread my own pattern and had to rip out several hours worth of work. Sigh.

  3. Ok guys. Labels is NOT going away. Once you expand the label panel to the left it stays expanded. To do that just click on the three lines on the top left of your gmail window.

    Now the settings is a widget on the top right side.

    Hope this helps.