Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Alexander came over from Glasgow today, as often on a Wednesday, and I set him to go through the pile of papers Archie and I set aside yesterday as “interesting” – with some profit. But we had a bit of a storm today, and poor Alexander had a horrible journey home – train, bus, bus, subway. It should have been train all the way and then a short walk. It wasn't that much of a storm, either.

I finished the Kirigami. Princess Margaret didn’t quite do it last night, but this evening’s Pointless did the trick. I haven’t yet crawled around on the floor with a tape measure to see how close I got to the measurements I was aiming at, but it’s close enough, surely, that I may not even block it.

It is good luck rather than good management which has placed the lighter-coloured yarn (probably only one skein) on the arms. I didn't notice the considerable discrepancy as I was knitting. It's a risk, of course, with madtosh.

The one slight problem is that it is not immediately obvious which is front and which is back. The back was raised by quite a few short rows, so it would be as well to get it right when wearing. I’ll try to figure it out this evening and add a discreet marker.

I then picked up Rachel’s sock. I’m not far from the end of the first foot – she has small feet. She will be here day after tomorrow, for the wedding. It would be nice to have a sock for her to try on.

I'm having my hair done tomorrow. I still haven't tried on the dress.

My Technical Problems

Southern Gal, those three lines don’t appear any more in the upper left of my GoogleMail window. It doesn’t matter, as long as I’ve got “More labels” to click on. When I was struggling before, without my labels but with the three lines, I don’t think they did the trick. I clicked on everything within sight. I won’t worry for the moment. Too much else to worry about.

A dear friend came round today and got BBC iPlayer on my television set with minimum fuss. Use the zapper for the television (not the Virgin cable one); go to Home; go to Apps. There it is. Then you sign in from your iPad. Technology is wonderful when it works. When I sat down some hours later to watch Pointless, it took me a very anxious few moments, and much switching-off-and-on-again, to persuade it to show me any television at all.


  1. The Kirigami is wonderful, Jean. I hope you're planning to keep it for yourself. You give so much of your knitting to others, and this colour looks like it would really suit you.

  2. Isn't it the worst when technology does that - comes over all snotty-teenager when all you have tried to do is teach it a new trick.
    The sweater is wonderful - I finaly got around to looking on Ravelry to see the full glory of the pattern. Please let this one be a keeper just for you!

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Love the Kirigami!

    Was the storm the remnant of Helene? Or just regular bad weather?

    Beverly in NJ

  4. =Tamar12:15 AM

    It's lovely!

  5. Echoing others here, your Kirigami is beautiful.

  6. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Add my vote: PLEASE keep this, Jean. it looks made for you. Chloe

  7. Just came across something which you might find of interest. Bakka knitwear produced on Shetland at a place of that name using patterns from historic sources, including the Museum Sweater. Their thing is to use Merino rather than Shetland to produce the items. They look intriguing, I must say.