Monday, September 03, 2018

Good old Pointless! It’s great to have it back, and I am now 2” or so above the wrist ribbing of the second Kirigami sleeve, with lots of television on tap for this evening.

Shandy,  I read an awful lot of rubbish these days, and can scarcely advise. I know exactly what you mean, about wanting to get back to one’s book. I am currently re-reading Le Carre’s “Drummer Girl” and it’s terribly good. Certainly not rubbish. I don’t even think you’d need to start off with a liking for spy thrillers. There’s always Trollope – life isn’t long enough to finish him, and even the lesser ones are interesting. He’s what my husband and I tended to reach for when we finished one bedtime book and couldn’t think where to turn next. And one can endlessly re-read “Mansfield Park”. I re-read “A Suitable Boy” (Vikram Seth) not long ago – it stands up well. You might have some ideas for me; I would be grateful.

The book that we hadn’t finished reading when my husband died was the Scott-Moncrieff translation of Proust. I’m sure it will remain unfinished. But it’s very good.

I had an email from my sister (a doctor) today. She has just finished reading “Handywoman” and found it very interesting. And Alexander bought himself a copy of the “West Highland Way” recently, although he isn’t interested in knitting patterns. KD should have me in her publicity department.

She’s offering a discount on “Carbeth” kits at the moment – I’m tempted, but must keep my eye on the ball. It’s an attractive pattern, but the next KD I want to knit is Stronachlachar and there are other things in the queue ahead of that one.

I suppose she has been too busy with “Handywoman” to have another knitting book up her sleeve to be released in instalments like the “West Highland Way” or “Book of Haps”. It’s a very nice way to be led on through the dark winter days.


  1. A Suitable Boy is on my virtual nightstand, now that I have your recommendation, I'll move it further up the pile. I've been endlessly swatching for some designs, and am starting to feel like I need to finish something. I surely have a half finished sock somewhere...

  2. A loved 'A Gentleman of Moscow' by Amore Yowled. I joined a book club started by a friend in order to find good books. Also 'Miss Buncle's Book' by DE Stevenson

    1. Towles not Yowled. I'm yowling with laughter over that autocorrect. Should be automakewrong

  3. Yes, there certainly is always Trollope, though I gave up on "Orley Farm" - was that one of yours? It seemed to go round in circles once too often. As for "A Suitable Boy" - I enjoyed it a lot but it is the only book I have ever taken a Stanley knife to. It was simply too big in paperback to be a comfortable read.
    A recent lunch with old college friends turned up some suggestions for series which I have found hugely entertaining. Jodie Taylor - "The Chronicles of Saint Mary's" is what might be called a romp, but also seems very well researched and written with a lightness of touch.

    I wonder what others have been reading recently?

  4. skeindalous2:48 PM

    Anyone looking for a interesting read should try 'The Essex Serpent' by Sarah Perry.
    Faith and Darwin and love in the Essex fens at the turn of the last century.
    I know it's been out for a year, but you may have missed it.
    A great female protagonist.

  5. Fredrik Backman's books are also wonderful reading.