Friday, September 28, 2018

Again, there is not much to report. I am around the heel of that sock, and making good progress with the gusset decreases. The "Spanish flu" programme last night was interesting, and the answer to the question I have been asking for decades seems to be that modern medicine has considerable defenses against such a thing, but it could still cause an alarming number of deaths. I think I've got something about Darwin recorded to get me on down the foot of the sock this evening.

However, there is much going on in the world. There was a legal American couple on my Hebridean cruise – I wish I had listened to more that they had to say about Kavanaugh, before any of this fuss erupted.

What I would like to know – surely this is public knowledge in the US – is how well Professor Ford and Mr Kavanaugh knew each other before the episode in 1982. I am sure she is telling the truth – but I am not absolutely sure, despite her interesting remarks about how memory works, that she’s got the right man.

Was he a boyfriend? A friend? An acquaintance? A distant acquaintance (someone she could identify by sight but had never talked to)? Or a stranger? The answer would affect the way memory works – and someone must have asked the question.

I got up to the Rembrandt exhibition in the National Gallery this morning, with my niece C., mother of last weeks’s bride. It’s a very good show. I was alarmed at how weak I am, but I did it. Up Dundas Street by bus, around the expo (with a certain amount of sitting-down en route), down to garden-level for a coffee, back to up street-level, bus home. Is that strong enough for Naples and the rest? I’m dubious, and terrified.


Thank you for directing me to Mason-Dixon Knitting yesterday, Kirsten. That led to a YouTube video, by Jen A-C herself, about helical knitting, and that in turn to a video by the Knitmatician which was somewhat clearer. I think I’ve got the hang of it. I don’t know whether to subscribe to the e-book.

And thank you for your advice about my missing book, Chloe. I’m coming around to that conclusion. I took it from the shelf and flipped through it in bed once when my husband was in hospital. He came home in November, 2016 – the day before his 91st birthday; easy to remember – and was here for the short rest of his life. So the book must have been gone for two years, or nearly. I thought Archie would find it in the bedroom.


  1. I have only the accounts in "The Times" to go by on the Kavanaugh story - but, my goodness, what a dreadful picture it all paints of the state of male/female relationships in the whole set. There are more than a few unanswered questions, I think.

  2. Talking about the Spanish flu epidemic, has made me remember the SARS outbreak here in Toronto 15 years ago. Over 200 people died and most were infected while in the hospital. Several hospital staff were infected.Our public health authorities were darn near overwhelmed, although there were several officials who were wonderful. Hospitals tried to stop all visitors and shut down all shops etc in hospital lobbies.
    My husband and I went on our first cruise that summer and there was discussion about our being allowed on the ship because we were from Toronto.(we were).
    I hope if anything similar happens the response would be more efficient.

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM

    From Christine Blasey Ford's written opening statement:

    " I attended a number of parties that Brett also attended. We did not know each other well, but I knew him and he knew me."

    Beverly in NJ

  4. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I just tried helical knitting this morning.
    I think a hat would be a good project to get the hang of it.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Oh, sorry, Jean. I did not really mean for you to buy the book again, it was kind of a tongue-in-cheek remark in reaction to the occasional times in life when I actually did rebuy books only to find them days or months later squeezed back on the shelf where there presence is obliterated by the bigger ones next to them. I must have an especially serious demeanor because even friends who know me well can't always tell when I am - or think I am - being humorous.:-). Or vice-versa, laugh hilariously at my 'wit' when no humor was intended. Luckily they like me anyway. Upshot is do not buy any books based on any words I may express (deliberate attempt at humor there:). Having said all that (sorry), I do hope that Archie will help you find it. Chloe

  6. I'm thinking of trying heel stitch on the top of the toe of my sock, as that's where mine wear out first. Have you ever done any toe reinforcing other than reinforcement thread?

    1. I took a class from Cat Bordhi once and my main takeaway was to use Kid Silk Haze as reinforcement. I use it on heels but it would work on toes, too.. I just hold it together with my sock yarn, cut it when I finish the sole sts, them pick it up again. The ends mat down and make a cozy heel. Hope this helps.

  7. I implore you to go to The New York Times and the Washington Post and read as many articles/opinions as you are allowed as a non subscriber. If this man is confirmed to the Supreme Court, as a woman, I weep for our country.

  8. there is so much and nothing to say about this situation with Kavanaugh. read the last few days of NYT editorials to get a sense of whats going on.

    the bottom line is that 11 old white republican men are kowtowing to an incompentent president to push thru an unqualified (read many articles proving that he lied in his hearing and on thursday) person for the highest position in the country for LIFE in order to take POLITICAL CONTROL OF THE SUPREME COURT.

    JEFF FLAKE deserves a Medal of Honour for what he did on Friday morning by withholding his vote unless there is an FBI Investigation. And for that we women must be eternally grateful. There are several women and men - who were REFUSED appearance to testify AGAINST the Judge - who have given sworn written testimony as truth refuting many things he denied when questioned on Thursday.

    Its going to be a long week. One can only PRAY that the FBI agents selected to do this work do the best job in their lives.

    I fear for this country if BK is appointed. I will seriously consider moving. The damage this man could do is unthinkable.

    There is another line of investigation that has not been explored very much - the DAY before his FIRST Hearing ALL OF HIS substantial debt (loans and credit cards) was PAID OFF. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    The entire Trump and Republican Conservatives are shoring up this man to get control of the Court.

    However the good news is that WOMEN are FED UP and if you listen to the video of Senator Flake held up by two women in an elevator where they scream at him for allowing anyone with a history of abuse on the Court.. it will give you an indication of how fed up the women of this country are with the Republican cabal and the people who elected this incompetent as president.

    ok enough. its agonizing and horrific but also a call to arms for all of us who have been abused and assaulted. #METOO

  9. The two women who confronted Senator Flake in the elevator are MY heroines:)!!! That took courage - the courage of their convictions - and he HEARD them! Thank the BIG Guy/Gal upstairs that he listened and did what his heart/soul told him to do. Bless him.