Monday, September 24, 2018

Here’s an excellent wedding picture:

It shows:

(a)  Me
(b) My new dress
(c)  My new hairdo
(d) Manaba’s Zulu crown (just what you were asking for, Chloe!)

The groomsmen had similar headgear. Originally leopard-skin, Manaba told me: nowadays, much more correctly, goat. They were very impressive.

From left to right, Greek Helen’s husband David; Helen herself, under her hat; Rachel. The rest you know.

Weavinfool, yes, there’s nothing like a kilt. Alexander wore one at his Hindu wedding in NYC and it fitted in perfectly. It’s a pity he couldn’t have ridden up Seventh Avenue on an elephant.

Beverly, Saturday’s bride, Christina, is my husband’s great-niece, the daughter of the daughter of his only and dearly-loved sister.

Southern Gal: no problem! The wedding was on Saturday. I was here in plenty of time for Bodyguard last night.

And I feel somewhat recovered today. I have finished Rachel’s first Pairfect sock, and have cast on the second. Not quite as easy as it sounds. The knitting is done throughout with yarn pulled from the centre. A lot, however, had come off the outside and got tangled. Perhaps not-helped by furry Rumpelstiltskins who come in the night. However, all is in order now.

I must decide, and promptly, what knitting to take with me to Italy. I see that the EYF programme for next year will be unveiled on October 13th, when Archie and I will be in Naples. That’s OK – our hotel will have wi-fi. But that date probably means that booking will go live on the 20th – our day returning with Air France, Someone will have to act for me, and will have to take it very seriously.


  1. Beautiful picture and I really like your hair!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Thanks for the pic and the IDs. You, your hair and your dress look great. And Manaba's crown is extremely cool. How funny that you spent time follwing in the footsteps of Gattopardo, and here you might have met the remains of one! Rachel looks so much like you. Don't tell her I said that!

    I tried to convince my Japanese-American groom to wear a kilt when he wed his Scots-Irish-American bride those many years ago, but no-go. Glad Christina had better luck.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Thank you for posting the photo! I love your dress; the color is spectacular, and you look lovely.

  4. Lovely picture. Thanks for posting.

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Thank you Jean! For some reason my computer was very slow today, unfolding, seemingly, from the top. So when the screen came to Manaba's headgear, it gave me a sort of "a-h-h" feeling as if I were discovering it for myself. Like Beverly I think it is very cool. As was this whole wedding. And I also loved your dress. You really did look beautiful in it. Chloe

  6. That is a difficult look to pull off - Zulu headdress and full Highland get-up - but he manages it. Don't tell us he is an accountant.

  7. Jean! The color of your dress is lovely! And I like the new haircut! Just wanted to say hi— it has been so long since I commented!

    1. It is wonderful to hear from you, Angel. Where are you these days?

    2. Totally agree with Angela:)!

  8. So very happy for you and your family:)! We too had a wedding last weekend in the US - two women:) I had the privilege of presiding. It was just lovely.:)
    Love is love is love is love:)!!!!!!