Monday, September 10, 2018

A good day on the knitting front.

I have embarked on the Kirigami pattern – I’m six rounds in. It’s nice and easy, so far. Knits and purls, increases and decreases. I can do that. There were two decrease rounds before I started on the pattern – 14 stitches eliminated. Not many, but it’s a start. Now it’s straight ahead for quite a while.

I spent some time this morning arranging knitting books. Some of my husband’s books have been dispatched, so there’s new shelf space – and since art books tend to be big, the newly-empty shelves will accommodate knitting. I created a section for stitch-patterns-and-techniques. The Feral Knitter and Felicity Ford are at last shelved side-by-side.

Two embarrassments: (1) I find I already have Gaughan’s “Knitting from Nature”. I put it in the section just described, where it doesn’t really belong, in order to keep Gaughan together. Her cable book undoubtedly has to be there. (2) I can’t find “marlisle” which belongs there, and which I know I have.

Next will be a section for how-to-knit and how-to-design. There’s much potential for overlap. These decisions are surely what makes it fun to be a librarian.

And then, to crown it all, the new VK turned up, with a richness of single-colour yoke sweaters, including a new Gaughan.

Two things worry me

1)    It says very early on that the next issue is “Fall 2018” (this one is “Early Autumn”) – “on sale July 10”.

2)    Page 24 has some nice snaps from their UK tour this spring. It includes a picture of “ruins of an ancient cathedral in York.” I feel sure that if disaster had struck York Minster, I would have heard about it. And you can’t have two cathedrals in one city – that’s the rule. The ruins pictured are very substantial. What are they?

Television is producing a veritable avalanche of possibly-watchable series. I’m hooked on “Bodyguard”, like everybody else in the UK. I’m skipping the one about adultery. I haven’t started “Vanity Fair” yet but I’ve been recording it. I watched the first episode of “Press” and don’t entirely understand it, but I may go on with it anyway. And tonight two more are starting up, and we are promised one very soon involving a psychopathic woman who may even be a surgeon – right up my street. Lots of knitting.


  1. =Tamar7:41 PM

    Organization and Knitting Books don't fit in the same sentence. I tried putting mine in the order of "most used" but that still kept changing. Right now I have a box of "used to use a lot" and a large pile of "printed out for someday." My standby knitting is a winter hat which I have memorized.

  2. Could the ruins be St Mary's Abbey? They look substantial, and are not very far from the Minster.

    Norwich has two cathedrals - the original, and the later RC one, built after Catholic Emancipation. There is a leaflet including both of them and the shrine of Julian of Norwich in a miniature pilgrimage walk.

    1. That’s good news, about Norwich. Lots of places have multiple cathedrals, of course. Edinburgh has at least three. I meant, only one of each faith. St Mary’s Abbey sounds plausible. I’ll investigate. Thanks.

  3. I wish I were more organized with my knitting books. I leave them in piles on floor next to the book shelf!