Thursday, September 20, 2018

Progress, I guess. My hair looks more like Germaine Greer than Theresa May, but at least it’s shorter. The hairdresser I have been going to for years retired just before Easter and I have yet to settle into a new groove.

Thank you for your kind words about the Kirigami. Its success means that I must now think very seriously about madtosh in that shade I mentioned – can I remember? – for Foldlines. First I must reactivate my printer, print the pattern, and knit a swatch-square. The printer usually tells me when it needs new ink. This time it has just resorted to printing with utter, unreadable faintness. I’m sure it’s just a matter of my pressing some buttons.

I’m getting on well with Rachel’s sock, and may still finish it for her by tomorrow. I won’t appear here again until Sunday evening, and then only if I’m strong enough. I might even have some wedding pictures for you. Rachel and Ed won’t be here until late tomorrow, but lots of preliminary tidying needs to be done.

Shandy, yes, Bakka Knitwear is indeed interesting and beautiful. I wish they offered more patterns. I like, especially, the lozenge pattern amongst their heritage scarves. I suppose I could reconstruct it from the picture, if it’s not in any of my books.

Our storm yesterday was apparently named Ali, and seems to have been worse than I realized. I still think they might have cancelled the trains before they let Alexander get all the way here. He says there was a Frenchwoman on one of his westward-bound busses who had boarded at Edinburgh Airport thinking she was being taken to the city centre -- instead of to Glasgow. She will have had a worse day than he did, he rightly concluded.


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    On September 14, you said you'd use "Farmhouse White" for your "Foldlines".

    Hope that helps.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. I note that Bakka Knitwear "Design and finish" their items on Shetland. Does this mean that the items are actually knitted elsewhere? I wonder how Kate Davies would construe this - local or not local?

    1. Anonymous12:30 AM

      If you dig into the website, you'll find many of the items are machine-knit in Scotland, then finished in Shetland. The items expressly labeled "hand-knit" are made in Shetland.

      Beverly in NJ

  3. We in the East got off lightly with Storm Ali, the West got hammered, all sorts of horrid things including two deaths. Even here there were a lot of trees down, a workmate of mine was standing by his car when the tree came down and crushed it. Car is a write off, he would have been killed if it had happened two minutes earlier.

  4. Oh that Kirigami turned out beautifully! I look forward to seeing a modeled shot with the new haircut. I had a quick look at the Bakka site, interesting. I noticed that a few of the items, like wristwarmers, are sold as "non identical pairs. My new descriptor for the self striping socks!

  5. I had to google Germaine Greer--I couldn't think what her hair was like. Now having googled I'm sure you'll look much better than either of them.