Saturday, September 29, 2018

I am sunk in technological gloom. I think I need to put a new ink cartridge into my printer -- it prints with unreadable faintness, anyway, so that’s the first thing to try. Usually it tells me when it needs a new cartridge, and guides me gently through the easy process. Now it doesn’t. I’ve looked up the manual on-line but the instructions don’t work. The cartridge-holder isn’t in the right position, and I’m not allowed to tug at it.

Now I’ve changed the cartridge, and the printer won’t respond to the computer at all…. Despair.

This activity was provoked partly by the need to print out our reservations for the Italian trip, now alarmingly soon. And there’s an article about Alison Watt by Magnus Linklater in this morning’s Times which inspires me to print out the Foldlines pattern and perhaps even to swatch. She is the one who raised the status of Foldlines from Maybe to Yes as far as I am concerned.


Beverly and Mundi, thank you for your help with the awful Kavanaugh business. My sister and brother-in-law will be here tomorrow – I will be able to read unlimited New York Times on her telephone (and maybe Roger knows about Epson printers).

Chloe, don’t worry. I didn’t take your remark (about re-buying the missing Lucy Hague book) all that seriously – and it is a solution I had been thinking of anyway. Two years is a long time not to be able to find a book.

Mary Lou, I think putting a heel flap on the toe of a sock is an excellent idea. I gave up using any reinforcement a long time ago. I don’t mind darning, and modern sock yarns really are pretty good. Please let us know how you get on.

More Italian homework tonight.


  1. i posted a long comment just now on yesterdays page.

    You can read nytimes in their app on your ipad with your sisters subscription.. they dont limit the number of times someone logs on and what devices you can read on. also in your browser on your computer. they are all about access.

    did you try the first trick of customer support - POWER off the printer. let it sit for FIVE MINUTES (really) and then power it back on.

    Sometimes the carrier gets stuck and cant get undone without what we call a Hard boot (power off).

    the other thing is to see if there is a setting to RESET default settings. That can sometimes also help to clear up any setting that may have been inadvertently selected during attempts to fix.

    if all else fails send me the model number and i will read the manual and provide more advice.

    1. You are very kind. I finally got the printer to respond, and the result was as faint as ever. There are various things to try along the lines of telling it to clean its print-heads and align itself. I’ll try that tomorrow after my Italian lesson, and get back to you if that, too, fails. I am very grateful.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Oh good, Jean! I often worry needlessly. My sister often has similar printer afflictions so you have my sympathies but no solution, alas.

    I love the new KSH tip courtesy of Pattie. Not only the "crack" of all yarns but apparently the jack-of-all trades of all yarns. I am stocking up. Chloe

  3. Is it at all possible that Lucy Hague went to your other house? That would explain why you've not found it for so long.