Thursday, September 13, 2018

Well, I’ve done it. Booked EasyJet from Edinburgh to Naples on October 11. The die is cast, as Caesar once remarked. I’ve got a hotel in Naples, too. The rest – two train journeys, two more hotels, a car and driver to take us to Piazza Armerina, a flight home – will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

Alas, Shandy, I am not massively energized. You are misled by my sparkling prose. My sister will be here soon, about a year after her last visit – I wonder if she will see the decline I feel. Today started with the dentist (just a hygiene visit). He’s very near here, but up a very steep incline. I was prostrate by the time I got back.

I phoned Boots – they don’t have my new pills; a letter has gone astray. There was no point in going all the way up to the Apple shop if I was going to have to do it a week later for the pills, so I just set off for the top of Broughton Street. At that very moment Greek Helen came driving past, and gave me a lift up the hill. I got the fish, and the oatmeal, and the wedding-wrapping-paper, and had only to walk back downhill. I was very seriously tired when I got back. Naples is probably crazy.

But I will take your advice, Shandy, and order my Wedding Garment before I sign off tonight. I’ve just heard from Grandson Thomas that his daughter Camilla will be baptised on October 27 in London: so that will be a second outing for it. (Archie and I will be back by then, if we survive.)


Very much less stressful, and less strenuous. I’ve done more than half of the yoke rounds for the Kirigami – which means a good deal more than half the yoke, when the decreases are taken into account. I am tremendously impressed with the pattern, with the way the decreased repeat which I am now doing sits on top of the previous repeat with no hint as to how it was done.

Lots of people on Ravelry have taken better pictures than these.

I grasped today that this pattern, as well as Gaughan’s “Foldlines” which I keep talking about, are both written for Brooklyn Tweed “Arbor”. I’ve never used it; it’s probably wonderful. But that means that, unless the Kirigami turns out a disaster, I could use madtosh DK for Foldlines. I love it above all yarns. I feel that everything is nudging me towards that pattern.


  1. I think that the Madtosh DK would work well as a sub for Arbor. The color you are using is lovely.

  2. All things are relative, Jean. I work as a volunteer in my local National Trust property and I am constantly struck by the numbers of visitors who are incapable of managing normal stairs. And these are not people in their 80s. Of course some of them will be suffering from debilitating conditions, but some seem to have just given up.

    What amazes me is not that you want to go to Italy, but that you know exactly what you want to see and where it is to be found. Planning a self-directed holiday is no mean feat.

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I used to love to plan a trip. Now it is mentally exhausting (all that computer work) and emotionally so too because of the Commitment (non-refundable tickets). Where did the lightheartedness of youth go? Good for you to break through all that and make arrangements anyway. Glad your sister is coming. Chloe

  4. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Congratulations on starting the Naples/Sicily planning!
    The blog readership looks forward to every step.

  5. Perhaps a daily walk around your square would help get you ready for the trip. I seem to recall you used to do a ‘turn’ daily. Since you have a goal in your trip it may help inspire you.

    1. Perhaps listening to one of your podcasts while you are walking. If they are half hour long that would keep you entertained and provide a stopping place point. The trip sounds lovely.

    2. Also for your phone charge issue. Google phone not charging. There are several known things to try. You can also CALL Apple. They can walk you thru a few things by the phone so you don’t have to wait til next week.

  6. How delightful to have Greek Helen just drive by like that. Wouldn't have happened in the days when she was indeed Greek Helen. I agree with you about travel planning. I'm using a travel agent for an upcoming trip and somehow it still makes me tired just thinking about the bits and pieces that have yet to be organized.

  7. Jean, re: your perceived decline/weakness, when did your doctor or other medical professional last check your blood oxygen saturation? Please ask to have this done ASAP. There may be something going on that's readily addressed, once identified.

  8. =Tamar4:43 PM

    Do all you possibly can while you can. We are (most of us) among the Temporarily Able-Bodied. I second Southern Gal's recommendation to resume the daily turn around the square, and also Kate's to discuss oxygen saturation (etc) with your doctor. I don't recall whether you have been checked for sleep apnea, but if not, please ask your doctor about it.