Friday, March 01, 2019

Dear Kirsten, yes! I would very much like to join a Lenten retreat based on “In This House of Brede”. It is a remarkable book, which I have read very recently – I would have said, this year, but I am keeping a list and it doesn’t appear, so it must have been last year. Never mind. Please sign me up, or pass on the link, as appropriate.

I appreciate your solicitude for your cat. I hope the cat does. All three of us sleep together these days – Paradox on her folded blanket at the foot of the bed, Perdita next to me. I establish myself well towards the centre of the bed when I first compose myself for sleep, cat-less. When I get up to pee, there is Perdita. And when I come back to bed, I am convinced she has moved nearer the edge. It is difficult to lie down around her, and I am afraid of falling out, and there is an icy blast down my spine – but that’s fine, if she is comfortable.

I dug into my Koigu collection today. I think I could assemble a dark-and-light palette for that shawl – I am thinking of Unjung Yun’s “Two-Color Brioche Shawl” in the Early Winter ’18 VK. But you have to cast on an awful lot of stitches and knit for a very long time. I’ll see what the stash can offer in the Pollywog line, tomorrow.

And there’s still KD’s Dathan hap. I do love those stripes.

Meanwhile I have almost finished the Foldlines square. My first attempt, some months ago, on a 3.75mm needle, was too big. This one, using 3.5mm, is substantially smaller, measured only by eye. The trouble with my plan of buying Arbor from Jared’s own hands, is that I am swatching with madtosh DK.


I am nearly finished  “The Good Solider” and keenly await “Anne of Green Gables”. In my childhood, for an unremembered reason, I began with “Emily of New Moon”, a later Montgomery. I remember wondering how that word was pronounced. I worked out something along the lines of Mon-te-go-merry. 


  1. "Emily Climbs" is still my favourite in the Emily trilogy, before the preceding "Emily of New Moon" and the succeeding "Emily's Quest". Writer Emily is apparently closer to L. M. Montgomery than either Anne or Pat ("Pat of Silver Bush", "Mistress Pat". Like many Canadian girls, I read them all, not forgetting the gang of cousins in "The Story Girl" and "The Golden Road". Enjoy Anne, anyone reading for the first time, or rereading as part of Jeans' on-line book group.

  2. I never knew that there was another series by L. M. Montgomery. A dear friend of the family was a great fan of the "Green Gables" books, reading them many times her lifetime. Oddly enough I have read them...yet.

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I loved In This House of Brede, the most memorable of her books to me. Despite reading most of the children's classics in Random House!s series, totally missed Anne of Green Gables, much to my regret. I tend not to enjoy these childhood books at a much later age, but might try seeing the TV series if I can find it. Kept missing that, too! Chloe

  4. Jean, I’ve been in DC for work, and having a moment for morning tea and catching up. I wish I were closer to the Solitude Sheep people, looks lovely! I just finished Bitter Orange, which while beautifully written was a bit of a slog to me. I saw a movie of In This House of Brede, but never read the book. I’ll have to look for it.

  5. I would also like to join the Lenten retreat based on The House of Brede if it is something one does by reading along.
    I have just ordered the book for my Kindle. I have not read this book by Rumer Godden, but have enjoyed her other books. Please send my a link if you can.