Monday, June 03, 2019

A better day, although I was very weak.

Archie was here, and we made an appt, at his insistence, for Perdita to see her medical adviser next week. She is due for another expensive and unnecessary injection of some sort, and she also has quite a bit of matted fur along her spine. Because of stoutness?

It is interesting to hear how many of you (like me) have disagreeable cats whom they love dearly. If one met my two, cold turkey, one would assume that Perdita had had a Difficult Childhood. But in fact both cats had the same furry mother and the same human family, and came directly from there to Drummond Place at 7 weeks. They presumably had different fathers, although on that point you would have to consult their mother Esther. I suspect Perdita of wildcat blood, because of her short tail and climbing habits and disagreeable nature – but I learned recently that lots of people think their cats are descended from wildcats.

Perdita keeps to her room. She has a disconcerting way, when I come in, of looking past me as if she had seen Banquo’s ghost. But that is because she dreads to see Paradox, who is all too likely to be at my heels. When they meet, the language is very strong.


The Spring Shawl progresses well. I don’t think the initial motifs are lined up quite correctly with those above – my old eyes are standing up to this pretty well, but counting a long row of empty squares is very difficult. But I don’t think, if I ever finish this and a bride ever wears it, that any of the wedding guests will leap up and demand their money back.

I think perhaps I’ll take it along on my retreat. It’s light and portable and very meditative.

I am soon to wind a new skein for the Calcutta Cup scarf. I think it’s time to get the tape measure out. It’s long and heavy, but I think not nearly long enough for the scarf I have in mind.


SouthernGal, the wedding planners have been generous with instructions, but as most guests will be coming from London – either because they live there, or because they have arrived there from elsewhere – not much has been directly relevant, and what there has been, has been confusing. Rachel emailed today to say that she and her husband will be on the island, with a car, from mid-afternoon on the day Archie and I are flying to Southampton. They can pick us up in Cowes. East Cowes, presumably. This is very encouraging, and details can be straightened out. And in these days of the mobile telephone, we can keep in touch with where each other is/are.


  1. I've started "Miss Mackenzie" which I am enjoying. However, I keep wanting to have an intelligent conversation about the difference between "North and South" and Gaskell's other work. Trollope seems to hold his characters at arm's length to examine them, whereas Gaskell, in N&S at least, is right there feeling it with them, if you see what I mean.

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying “Miss Mackenzie”. I think it’s terrific. I’m currently enmeshed in “The Way We Live Now” and after that must finish “No Name” but look forward eventually to serious “North and South” conversation

  3. The book club I belong to met this evening and discussed The Dressmaker, Beryl Bainbridge. I hadn't finished it, and won't. I'm all for Miss Mackenzie now. Not right now, I'm heading for bed!

  4. I think it is very wise to have Perdita checked by the vet.
    I had 2 Siamese brothers, raised together and yet several months before Percy died, his brother Jasper, would attack him for no reason at all that I could see. The vet felt that poor Percy had cancer and he died at age 7.
    Jasper lived to the ripe old age of 16.

  5. I have only read North and South from Mrs. Gaskell and the Chronicles of Barsetshire from Trollope. I look forward to your discussions!

  6. Anonymous1:17 PM

    The shawl is beautiful, the center so complimentary to the outer stitches...lucky girl and lucky first baby! I am unsure of your cats... my twin and I squabbled like that - I like Perdita - she like Paradox. Perhaps too genetically close and vying for top cat in your affection.