Tuesday, June 04, 2019

I’ve done a good days’s knitting, but I’ve been pretty immobile. I should force myself out the door, even when feeling lame. My left hip sometimes gives trouble, and then, for weeks, it doesn’t. It’s bad at the moment.

Tomorrow Greek Helen and Alexander and I are going to the Edinburgh College of Art degree show. That’s always fun. And it will force me to move. I’ll take along the Gallery Goer’s Shooting Stick I gave my husband as his mobility dwindled, although I don’t think he ever used it. It’s a very light-weight stick which translates into a three-legged stool when required. I found it very useful at the EYF.

I’ve done six or eight more rows of the Spring Shawl, and am about to begin the second rank of Lace Diamonds. There are seven ranks of them in all, in this central triangle. I’m still having a bit of trouble with the intervals between motifs. Perhaps I’ll see if my printer can enlarge the pattern. For the Princess, Sharon sent out a printed pattern. This time, it’s only a .pdf.

And I’ve finished the current skein of whatever-it’s-called for the Calcutta Cup scarf. It feels very long and heavy, but measures only four feet so far. I want six, at least.

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  1. You should be able to enlarge the pdf on the computer and then print out sections. If you have a print shop close, I'm sure they would enlarge it for you all on one sheet. My left hip flares up periodically, if I don't do stretches regularly it is worse. Apparently, it is due to my confirmation.