Thursday, June 27, 2019

More weakness. Tomorrow will test me to the limit – starting with an Italian lesson, transferred from Saturday for reasons forgotten; then my Personal Trainer, a couple of hours later.

I’ve done a couple of rows of Spring Shawl. A certain amount of tinking was involved today. And at least I did it, resisting the temptation to Just Forge Ahead.

I find that Sharon Miller offers a wonderful-looking Gossamer CashSilk in her Etsy shop, and also a Merino Lace (cobweb lace equivalent). Both ranges appear to offer good reds. I might write to her to see what she thinks of the idea of introducing the slightest touch of red into my shawl, and (if she approves) what she thinks about the danger of bleeding.

My brother-in-law sent me a link to a New York Times article about Ravelry’s recent decision to ban support of the President from the site in order not to support white supremacy. I drift around Ravelry more days than not, I think, but never in places where politics appear, so I can’t comment. Ravelry’s decision has been well-reported here.

But I am sorry to see that this ugly theme of racism-in-knitting is still in a state of ferment. I have a Thot I would like to write about, but I simply don’t dare. (Don’t worry – you aren’t missing much.) It is a great shame that this is happening.


Archie came today, and instead of advancing life, we watched “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. I wanted to have his opinion. It stands up pretty well to the passage of time. As with many disaster movies, it sags somewhat in the middle. Archie kept looking up facts about it on his telephone, and discovered that Michael Caine has a bit part. We think we spotted him.

I am pressing on with “Nest of Vipers”. Perdita continues to live as a member of the family, very welcome, and to treat Paradox with only moderate disdain.


  1. There must be more to the Ravelry decision than the casual user like myself is aware of. However, it speaks volumes about the polarisation of American politics that this move was thought necessary.

    1. bairdbackwoods11:24 PM

      Its not polarization, its civility. But I won't provide more details on this blog. Because I only want to hear about lace knitting! And great books, of course.

  2. Well, as an older sister, I am accustomed to the idea of treating the other sister with moderate disdain...

  3. Jean, if you’re interested I have some of Sharon Miller’s red Merino Lace yarn left from my Spring Shawl that I’d be happy to send you! As I noted in my project notes on Ravelry, it’s really cobweb weight.

  4. One wonders if perhaps there was something said to the cats, while you were away, that made them consider their un-civil attitude. Or maybe that they are both in their different ways, heavily attached. And you have been away, and then come back to them once more, so that it has become more predictable.

  5. Anonymous12:11 PM

    There will always be bigotry as we humans are a very flawed lot. It dies down and flares up among the "nicest" groups of people. Since I believe there is only one race, the human race, it is my perspective that those who persist in employing the term RACE-ism do themselves see the human population in those "racial" terms and are therefore equally and perhaps even more so, suspect. As words DO matter. I have always tried to treat everyone as I would wish to be treated and believe that if I address the better part of any one's character that they will eventually, if not immediately, respond to that assumption themselves. And I voted for Trump. Chloe

  6. I can't remember if you crochet? If you do you could crochet a chain into the fabric after blocking then unzip it after the wedding?