Friday, June 14, 2019

I felt very weak today. Alexander came to see me, and I managed to totter once around the Garden with him (0.2 of a mile) – better than nothing.

The kimchi is certainly quieter, although there are still bubbles. I hope to get to Waitrose tomorrow, after my Italian lesson, to buy another Napa cabbage and start another batch.

Knitting went well – another six rows of Spring Shawl, another half-repeat of the Calcutta Cup scarf pattern. There’s a sad post on the Ravelry projects page, for the shawl, from someone who knit it for her wedding and was disappointed when she finished, because she could have pushed herself harder and knit the Princess.

This one is certainly easier in all three elements – edging, triangle, and borders. Also smaller. With all the stress attendant upon a wedding I think this was probably the wiser choice.

My cats are as before. Perdita refuses to leave her quarters. Paradox has always been jealous of her, and now suspects that she’s getting better food and a superior litter box so she comes in and helps herself and they fight.

I've started "North and South". I wonder, after all, if I have read it. It seems completely new and strange, Maybe I'm thinking of "Cranford".

Now I’ll go do my Italian homework.


  1. I haven't read Cranford, but did read North and South and watched the television version. I enjoyed them both. Often in the summer i will choose some classics I haven't read. I've got Bleak House on audio book. I find Dickens perfect audiobook listening, as i think most of his big volumes were released as serials, so one can end at a chapter and start with the next easily. More easily than waiting for the next week's magazine, I think.

  2. =Tamar8:26 AM

    The Spring Shawl is lovely and perfect for a wedding. If I were she, I think I'd prefer the completed Spring Shawl to the crushing prospect of an unfinished Princess. Ambition has its place, but I agree with you, weddings are stressful enough as it is.

    I've never read nor watched Trollope. Perhaps it's time. I got on fairly well with Dickens, years ago.

    1. Alan Rickman as the oleaginous Mr Slope in Barchester Towers is my all-time totally favourite classic serial character - even better than Maggi Smith in Downton Abbey and that is saying something!

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Wow--I'm impressed with your talents! They include kimchi making!! I am a kimchi fan as well, but have never tried to make it. Perhaps one day.....

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