Thursday, June 06, 2019

Again, I have very little to report. My trainer came today, so at least I have had a physical work-out (in an old-lady-ish sort of way) and feel the better for it. The Spring Shawl advances nicely, and I think I’m getting better at setting the new motifs in place as they occur. One of you has taken my enlargement problem in hand, and I am very grateful for it.

And, as usual, I at least finished a 12-row pattern repeat on the Calcutta Cup scarf during Pointless.


It is fascinating to hear, rheather (comment yesterday) that your parents sailed on White Rock lake. I think my mother’s younger brother did, too. He and his wife built a house on part of my grandparents’ plot – the part most distant from the lake. The last time I was there, I stayed with them. My grandparents were then very old and weak – that would have been in 1961.  I like your image of the world being folded so that odd bits touch!

So the President’s state visit has ended without disaster, and without even as much street protest as might have been expected. William and Kate seemed to me to be conspicuous in their absence, but Prince Charles did his bit heroically.

The cats are as ever. The layout of the house more or less ordains that Paradox gets fed first – cat-feeding is the first job I do in the morning. Perdita hears me moving about and sits calmly in her doorway waiting.


  1. I'm an American, we saw footage of thousands of protesters during the visit. It was kept quiet there while he was visiting. If you Google it the pictures are so entertaining!

  2. This past week has been so embarrassing. I don't know whether to be frightened or grateful that he doesn't perform the real tasks required of his position. It's heartbreaking for many of us here at home.Your Royal Family handled the whole business with true tact and expertise. You should be proud of them.

    1. i agree sigh. this man. maybe this tariff nonsense will get the GOP stirred up enough to finally see that he is dangerous (and buck MCCONNELL who is the most evil Senator ever).

      Manners is what carries the Royal Family thru situations such as dealing with such like DJT. thank G*d