Sunday, June 02, 2019

Again, I have very little to report. A few more rows have been added to the Spring Shawl.

My next adventure will be a 48-hour religious retreat in the Borders at midsummer. My niece C. (my husband’s sister’s daughter) will drive us there. We had a meeting this morning in which the pleasant Dominican priest who will be in charge of us, assured us that we didn’t need to turn up for any of the religious bits. It all sounds rather pleasant, and doesn’t afford anything to worry about (since Archie will be here for the cats).

Today would have been my husband’s sister’s 88th birthday, had she lived so long. On her 21st, she went to London and spent the night on the pavement in order to see the Queen drive by on her Coronation day.

I am left with no option but to worry about the next-adventure-but-one, the wedding on the Isle of Wight in mid-July. Archie and I are booked to fly to Southampton two days before. Neither of us has the faintest idea what to do next. We have taken advice, and everybody differs from everybody.

I mentioned the subject during my Italian lesson on Saturday, and my tutor discovered via Google Maps, what had eluded me so far, that there is a north-south fissure down the middle of the Isle of Wight, without much evidence of a bridge. So it will be as well to ensure that when we board  a ferry (there are plenty) from the mainland, we are aiming at the desired side of the fissure.

I think it might be just as well to see if we can get a taxi from that point, however far.

My Italian homework for this week is to write an account of my prospective journey, employing the future tense as often as possible.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I think that's the inlet which runs from Cowes to Newport! It doesn't seem to cut right through the island, there are plenty of roads showing on the map. But I see ferries do go to either east or west Cowes. The island is not very big so I'm sure a taxi onwards from either side of Cowes will work if no other relative who has driven is available to pick you up. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  2. Your Italian tutor sounds like a real gem. Have fun with the future tense.

  3. I do hope you and Archie are planning another Italian adventure. It would be too bad not to use all your new knowledge! Sadly, all I know about the Isle of Wight is Jimi Hendrix and the lyrics of "When I'm 64."

  4. A bit surprised that the wedding planners have not sent information regarding transportation for you esp as a family member! Perhaps contact the bride or groom’s parents for advice or the parties themselves. Surely they have info. Here people are usually sent info or it’s on a website set up for the wedding. Sorry but this lack of info provided strikes me as a bit rude.