Saturday, June 15, 2019

I was perhaps a bit stronger today, but nothing has been accomplished beyond a good Italian lesson and a trip to Waitrose to get the ingredients for another batch of kimchi. I’ll make it tomorrow, I hope.

Laura (comment yesterday) – do try it. Start, perhaps, with Brad Leone’s YouTube post. (He laboriously salts his cabbage leaf by leaf, but then cuts it up later.) Omit the oyster.

There are a couple of ingredients which aren’t entirely easy to get, but here in the UK they’re easily found on-line: a Korean chilli powder called Gochugaru; Korean fermented shrimp paste; rice flour for the porridge. I also ordered an oriental radish called mooli or daikon, but I think that is unnecessary. Use ordinary radishes. And the rice-flour porridge could be omitted, too.

I haven’t done any knitting at all, nor have I advanced life in any of the several respects in which it needs to be advanced. Maybe tomorrow.

Kate Davies, as I’m happy to report and as you probably all know, has been posting in fairly vigorous mode lately, both in propria persona and lending the space to a new member of the team who is also a new knitter. Kate is producing a batch of patterns for adventurous new knitters and the latest one, the Upstream pullover – another yoke sweater – is a gem.


I’m making some progress with “North and South”. I have, before now, re-read books, sometimes accidentally, but always with the feeling that I’ve been here before. I continue to have no such feeling with this one. I’m pretty sure by now that’s it’s new to me.

Mary Lou, Tamar, I’ve never entirely got together with Dickens. We had him as bedtime reading several times. I’ve never read him by myself for pleasure, and doubt if I ever will.

Non-knit, non-book

Weavinfool, that is a good point about hydration. My Personal Trainer keeps emphasising it. I don’t suppose cider entirely counts. Thank you.


  1. Our Mutual Friend is by far my favorite. I was laughing out loud at parts. I have done all the Barchester Chronicles, I'm not sure why. Perhaps I should move on to the Forsythe Saga.

  2. We had "Pickwick Papers" and "Hard Times" inflicted on us at school, so I thought that I did not enjoy Dickens. However, in my twenties I went to Venice by myself and took "Little Dorrit" along. It was the ideal companion for long train journeys and for evenings. One thing that you can say for Dickens is that there is plenty of him.

  3. I think of you every time I pass the cider aisle in the supermarket... oh the temptation, the temptation...
    I finished Kate Atkinson 'Transcription' for the book club and found very many 'bon mots' - a description of pillars in a ballroom as being made from 'meaty marble'. I didn't see the ending coming, either. Now just started Longbourn - a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice from the servant's point of view. All very dour so far.

    1. I'm reading Longbourne too, and not finding it very compelling.

  4. I've enjoyed every book I've read by Kate Atkinson - from the detective series books to Life After Life and A God in Ruins. Transcription was also excellent.