Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Again, weak, but again, some accomplishment.

Weavinfool, you’re right, of course. I’ve changed it, and no one will ever know (unless they read your comment). Thanks.

I had a good session this morning with the Spring Shawl, and then a very good time at Helen’s new house. It’s further away than I expected, but apart from that, very nice indeed. It is a terrace house into which a remarkable number of spacious rooms have been ingeniously fitted. The previous owners left it in very good nick, and Helen has done a prodigious amount of work in the week she has been there. Boxes still abound, but it feels like home.

Gretchen: VK’s weren’t dated, in the old days. After the original American one went down, the British went on alone for a couple of years.  The picture I showed yesterday was from one of those issues. Prices are in shillings and pence, which would date it to the 70’s I think. Late 70’s, would be my guess.

Hair: I’ll tell the man next week to aim for something like Theresa May.

Red: I’m sure you’re right, commenters, and I shouldn’t try to put it in my shawl. Shandy, Peggy, I’m also sure you’re right, that red is a colour of joy in many cultures. I was thinking of Alexander and Ketki’s Hindu wedding. (He wore his kilt, and fitted right in. It’s a pity he didn’t have an elephant, to ride up Seventh Avenue on.)


I have persevered with Nest of Vipers, and by now, might as well finish. It’s awfully French. My husband’s father, who died young of a brain tumour, translated Maurois and Morand but not, to judge at least from our own shelves, Mauriac. I feel the French need to be more adventurous with their surnames.


  1. Very early 70s, surely, for pre-decimal coinage? I seem to remember that I was working as a ward assistant in a hospital during the long vac when it happened.

    1. Shandy, you are correct. February 1971, in fact. xx

    2. sorry Shandy, forgot to put my name xx

  2. Enid Shaw2:46 AM

    maybe it will occur this time

  3. Some Lacy Knitters Guild members made lace squares to be made into a blanket for a gift. I volunteered to assemble it and used a pale sage green that was innocuous and went with all the other colors. I put some orange streaks in the border and amongst the squares to liven things up. Sometimes you just have to add some zing.