Thursday, June 18, 2020

Vera Lynn is dead. That pretty well leaves only the Queen.

Another industrious day. Helen came early, and we – mostly she – finished planting the doorstep. I think there’s another picture on that Instagram account she maintains. Then we walked once around the garden. Then I baked my bread:

It looks good. But that left me pretty flat.

Later, after resting, I resumed sleeve-knitting, and that went well too. I have moved on to a short circular. That speeds things up. I must have told you that long, long ago I knit everybody a hat for Christmas (well, perhaps not husband or children) and the permanent legacy of that year is a good stock of short circulars in various sizes.

Curiosity moved me to retrieve the ur-text from the shelves (=Knitting Without Tears). I was slightly surprised that in the midst of all these percentages, the instruction was to increase 2 every 5th round. But so it is in the original. Meg’s version in Knitter’s Magazine, which I am following, has the top of the sleeve rather wider than in the original, and I remembered what you said about finding the EPS tight, Mary Lou.

I think increases and sleeve-length are going to come out about even – that is, little or no knitting-straight before the top of the sleeve. Maybe I ought to go back and look at Arne and Carlos’ version. How do they do the sleeve increases?


I am moving on well through Sybille Bedford’s “A Legacy”. I will tell you about it soon. I feel as if I should start again at the beginning as soon as I finish. A most interesting book.


  1. Jean,
    What are your favorite needles?

  2. The sleeve increases will depend on your row gauge and desired fit. There are on-line calculators that will figure it for you. It was fun to see you planting over on Instagram.

  3. I think that garments in general were more closely fitted when the pattern was originally written. Maybe I am mistaken though and it is just that I like room to move in my clothes!

  4. EZ used 33% for the sleeve in her EPS. I find that 35% is better for me. If I am not mistaken Arne and Carlos said the sleeve at the underarm should be 50%.