Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Another success! This is fun:

Chilling overnight for the “bulk rise” instead of at the end, worked fine. I proceeded from where I left off, and did the final proving in the open air.

And I’ve finished Episode One of the EPS, including threading 8%-of-K stitches onto waste yarn for each armhole. And I’ve located my needle gauge, which will be required tomorrow for the sleeves. I find that implement as escape-prone as the kitchen scissors.

I’ve signed up for the MKAL, too, and paid my entrance fee.

I haven’t finished Fruity Knitting yet. The lockdown is beginning to take its toll; or maybe it’s just that there’s too much of Andrea’s beautiful crochet blanket for my taste.


It turns out I’ve read “Dr Thorne” as recently as last October. No wonder it feels familiar. I’ve got bogged down in a couple of Trollopes lately, and abandoned them. Or at any rate, temporarily set them aside. This one is much stronger. I wonder if I could find the TV version, Shandy.


I’m glad you like the look of Antonino, Chole. (Antonone would be a better name for him.) He is of Neapolitan origin, utterly devoted to his craft. He does a series, like Gordon Ramsay, where he goes around visiting failing restaurants and telling them what to do.


  1. I've signed up for the MKAL too, Jean, and ordered the yarn. Lythe in A bowl of perfectly ripe cherries. I don't expect the yarn for a month but the folks at Meadowyarn sent me a cheerful e-mail telling me "your yarn is on the way!" Anyway, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing progress pictures from you while I wait.

  2. Oh that bread looks so good. The Chappati flour worked just fine, then. I am digging the last of the food I made and froze late last summer, early fall. With anyluck, I'll have enough produce to repeat this process this year. Tonight is Chard Pie - like spanikopita with chard instead of spinach. Down to the final few inches on the body of my top down sweater and waffling between ribbing or rolled hem.

    I hope this is a link to episode 1 of "Doctor Thorne."

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Would love tat restaurant series. Jean. If I ever get back to Italy...:). Chloe

  5. =Tamar5:11 PM

    The bread looks tasty, and you are tempting me to read Trollope.
    It is difficult when a favorite author becomes too familiar. Fortunately for me, a friend cleared a shelf and gave me a bag full of new-to-me brain candy, to be skimmed once and donated somewhere.

  6. I'm in for the Stillness Shawl MKAL. Just went and purchased new yarn. Had to make an appointment at the store as they are only allowed one customer at a time. Ravelry as Mnance1948.