Sunday, June 14, 2020

I’m still feeling very weak. My niece C. came today – wonderful to see her! – and walked me around the garden, with pauses for rest and recuperation on the available benches. My Personal Trainer will have her work cut out for her tomorrow.

C.’s grandson Wee Hamish is now 5 weeks old, putting on weight and beginning to find the world of interest.

Even Andrew Marr failed to advance my knitting much. I have, however, declared the cuff of the first sleeve finished, and have embarked on the gradient stripes. To my great annoyance, I can’t find the fifth colour. When I was knitting them into the body of the sweater, I more or less clipped the yarn and dropped them at my feet one by one. Now that one is gone – presumably propelled somewhere by a furry paw?

There isn’t really enough of a distinction between Four and Five. If anything is to be omitted, Five would be the one. But I am annoyed at myself.


I’ve finished Doctor Thorne. Delicious. The happy ending is clearly signalled halfway through the book, but is delicious nonetheless. Miss Dunstable’s happiness, as I suspected, is postponed until a later volume. Now I must follow that link you sent me, Shandy.

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  1. It's so happy making to have your niece come visit - hope you're feeling much stronger again soon.