Sunday, June 28, 2020

Perdita came and sat on my computer keyboard today. One of her tricks is to change the screen resolution. How does she do it? And I can never remember how to change it back, so there is a struggle every time. Clever cat.

I didn’t get out today, because of waiting in for deliveries. They both turned up in the end.

I made good progress with the MKAL. I’ve finished the section with the YO-K2-pass YO over 2 stitches. It got a bit easier. FugueStateKnits, it does indeed help to slacken the YO. Mary Lou and Stella both suggested – Stella wrote to me, having failed to post a comment – wrapping the yarn around the needle in the other direction. I think I mentioned this myself yesterday, probably unintelligibly.

It works well. The result is a neat little bundle of those two knit stitches. If you do a “normal” YO, you wind up – once you have succeeded in doing it at all – with a little horizontal bar under the two knit stitches. The repetition of this bar is rather attractive. Looking at other people’s work on Ravelry, I find that as far as I can see, they have all done it that way.

So I couldn’t switch in mid-stream. However, if the rest of the shawl involves a similar passage, I could perfectly well wrap the yarn the other way from the beginning and do without the horizontal bar.

So I’ve got about 20 plain vanilla st st rows to do to finish Clue One. I’ll try to do a few this evening, and should certainly finish tomorrow. Leaving two days for the EPS sleeve before the next clue.

Life and Reading

Helen suggests going to Kirkmichael on Tuesday the 7th. She would make two trips, one with me and the cats and Archie, the other with her other two boys. What an ordeal! But it’s a very happy thought.

I’m getting on fine with Sibylle Bedford’s “Quicksands”. What an eventful life!


  1. I finally got a start to the MKAL that looks good so I'm going to try to catch up to you, Jean. A road trip should make for some knitting on clue #2 for you, no?

    My new computer has a key that increases and decreases the size of the text on the screen. Every time a cat (I have 2 and they both do this) lays a head or a paw on the keyboard, they hit that key and the text jumps to a GIANT size and makes me jump. Maybe someday I will get used to it.

  2. I happy to hear you made it through the yo row. I am knitting a baby vest of my own design that I have made many times, yet have had to rip out cast-on twice, then this morning I realized as I was about to do the three needle bind off on the shoulders that I missed a couple of armhole shaping rows on the back. I think my brain must be tired. I have no cat to blame. I purchased Legacy as a birthday gift for a friend, as well as one for myself. When I finish Pale Rider it’s next on the list.

  3. A trip to Kirkmichael sounds like something the doctor ordered:)! Happy to hear my suggestion may have helped - I will try to follow my own advice when I start the MKAL. Was hoping to start it this weekend, but events intervened.

  4. My Della has found options on my laptop that I have never managed to find, before or since. And she often opens a "help" window, so goodness knows what her ultimate goal is!

  5. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Could Archie drive back & pick up his brothers, instead of Helen?

    Beverly in NJ