Friday, June 26, 2020

Liverpool won the league.

This news will be of interest to few, and those few already know it. I don’t know why it is a matter of such passion in Rachel’s family, down to the third generation. No one that I know of has ever actually lived there except Alexander, and he's not interested. Matt Kiernan told me once, when we were holidaying on the shores of Loch Fyne, that he would perhaps propose marriage to Rachel’s daughter Hellie, if Liverpool won the league.

That must have been six years ago, at least. Liverpool didn’t. Matt and Hellie gave up and got married anyway and are now the parents of two of my great-granddaughters. They rang up this evening so that we could rejoice together.

And while we’re on the subject of the new generation, C. and her daughter C. and their grandson/son Hamish came to call this morning. He’s seven weeks old today. Time seems to have stood still lately in many respects, but wee Hamish is piling on the weeks fast:


I’ve done much more knitting than usual, so as not to be left too dreadfully behind with the MKAL. Marilyn, did you really finish the first clue yesterday? I think I might manage Tuesday, if I keep plugging away at it. That would leave Wednesday to advance the EPS sleeve, before the next clue rains down on us.

KayT, you’re right that the instructions are wonderful – line by line, with a stitch-count provided, and shading to remind us which colour to use. I’ve never done anything like this, and am enjoying it enormously. I’m afraid to look at the Ravelry group, for fear of spoilers. I wish you and Marilyn could post photos here. Here’s where I am so far:


I’m making good progress with “Il Cavaliere e la Morte”. Not much time for reading, though, if I am to keep knitting at this feverish pace.


  1. My best friend from college is married to a Liverpudlian so I've been aware of its situation when the league paused its season. Lovely photo--clever matching outfits!

  2. Hamish is gorgeous! A baby is a wonderful distraction in crazy times.

    One of our sons is an Arsenal supporter and two are Man Utd fans. They are not pleased with my support of Liverpool! My knitting is getting lots of time since Premier League is back ❤

  3. Very nice picture of you and Hamish, Jean. Thanks for giving it to us.

    I haven't started the MKAL yet; I did do a swatch and practiced the cast-on as some people on Ravelry thought it was tricky making it look good. But I am still trying to finish up a project before I fully begin. I did look at the spoilers because I could not decide the order for my colors and there are at least 2 people using the same kit. And their pictures did help me to decide, so it's all good. And the spoilers are clearly marked in a separate thread so don't worry.

  4. Didn't finish and may start over to put my colors in a different order.

  5. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Look at sweet little Hamish! He certainly didn't let the pandemic stop him. Thank you for this wonderful picture. Love the colors of your MKAL, Jean. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

  6. Love your choice of colors for the MKAL:)!