Friday, June 19, 2020

Not a bad day. C. came and walked me twice around the gardens. When we got home a man walking past told me that he remembered when Compton Mackenzie lived in my house, and that he (the man walking by) had an empty bottle of whiskey from the SS Politician (look it up), all properly labelled for the US market.

We’re talking about “Whiskey Galore” which = “Tight Little Island” in the US. I think the movie better than the book, and the American title better than the British. I discovered on my Hebridean cruise two years ago that Mackenzie is fondly remembered on Barra, the island where he is buried. He died in my bedroom, I think.

And I made good progress with the sleeve. I finally gritted my teeth and did the arithmetic and found, as I had feared, that if I continued increasing 2 stitches every fifth round, the sleeve would be slightly longer than wanted. I switched to every fourth round – and made a note of when that happened.


I’m jeanmiles8442 on Instagram – but now I can’t find the commenter who wanted to know that.

Ron, thanks. I’d like to watch that episode of Arne&Carlos again, where sleeve-width as compared to total-body-width is discussed, but don’t know how to find it amidst the abundance of their posts. Can you help?

Hbqueen, I think my favourite needles are Knit Pro fixed circulars. I’ve always thought that an interchangeable set sounded fun, and I’m always keen for a knitting extravagance, but they don’t come in small enough needle sizes.


I’ve finished “A Legacy” by Sybille Bedford. It’s very interesting indeed. I’m now suspended between books, reading about sourdough bread, and anyway tonight I must finish my Italian homework. I mean to return to this subject.


  1. =Tamar11:03 PM

    Congratulations on doing the math before needing to rip! People vary so much, I doubt that there's a sleeve-to-body algorithm to fit everyone without some rechecking partway through.

  2. Jean, the episode was called "Top down sweaters - why they don't always work". I googled it and found it. but when i went to the site it said it was not available. Perhaps you will have better luck. I wonder if they took it down. It was quite recent. I remember it because I like to knit top down sweaters and thought their figure of 50% of K for the top of a sleeve was excessive.

  3. I have watched and enjoyed Whiskey Galore, now I'll have that extra little connection. I put off interchangeables for the same reason, but Hiya Hiyas come in smaller sizes, and have a set that is only smaller sizes. I have several sets of interchangeables, and like these very much.