Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hottest to date. The whole nation has abandoned lockdown and headed for the beach.

I finished the ribbing on the second EPS sleeve, and did the first gradient stripe. However the big knitting news is that we have the first clue for the Stillness Mystery Shawl. I’m afraid it looks like a full-time job. All my own fault.

So the rest of the time, and more, was occupied in ball-winding. (And, of course, I could have done that last week.) All three skeins are involved in the first clue. The first one went fine. I got into trouble with the second (the yarn is sort of slippy) and sat resolutely on through Pointless and the start of the news, winding and untangling. I’m nearly finished. I’ll continue through tonight’s Alan Bennett and then, if there’s more to do, throw it away. I’ll use the swift for the third skein (as opposed to doing it on my knees),  but not today.

Tonight’s AB is a fave, well-remembered from last time: a rich widow who is gradually relieved of most of her money by her wicked son Giles. “Just sign here, Mummy.”

I agree, Shandy, that the writing is magnificent and the sum-total truly tragic and that Sarah Lancaster is brilliant. But I didn’t like her episode – it was a view into more shallow darkness than I cared to contemplate. The scene with the vicar was terrific.


I’ve finished “Mr Scarborough’s Family”. It’s definitely not Trollope’s best, nor even one of the good ones. I don’t think you have to read it after all, Shandy. I’ve re-embarked on Leonardo Sciascia’s “Il Cavaliere e la Morte”. I’ve started it two or three times before, and have made good progress. I’ve gone back to the beginning again. I’m very fond of Sciascia – another Sicilian. I’m determined to finish, this time.


  1. Well, I don't think the pattern for the MKAL is going to be too much work, Jean. For one thing, we have clear instructions, line by line, with STITCH COUNTS after each line! Should indeed mean no ripping out more than one row. Since this yarn is, yes, a bit slippy, that is a good thing. I haven't started yet but plan to this evening. If you want to cheat there are spoilers posted on Ravelry already. I had the pattern in my e-mail when I got up at 4:45 this morning, and by 10:30 there were people already onto the second and third colors. Yikes!

  2. The cast-on is a little bit tricky. I've finished the first 34 rows with the first color. Will probably finish this clue tonight.

  3. Photographs please! It sounds fascinating!

  4. Planning on starting the Stillness MKAL on Monday. Was too busy at (virtual) work Thurs and Fri -and I reserve weekends for cross stitch or already existing knitting projects. It sounds wonderful, though and I am anxious to get started:)!

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