Sunday, June 21, 2020

The need to wait in for a delivery from Amazon prevented walking; otherwise not a bad day. The Andrew Marr show – “Andy” himself was away because his father had just died – and virtual coffee at church, saw the knitting well advanced. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll count stitches again and see how many increases I yet have to do. I’d like to finish this sleeve before the MKAL starts.

KayT, I’m glad you’ve got your MKAL yarn! 12 days Suffolk-Texas is good time indeed. I recently sent an important envelope to my sister in DC. I made what was perhaps the mistake of registering it. It took 17 – or was it 18? – days, capital city to capital city.

My niece C. and I have decided to book ourselves onto the MajesticLine’s “Captain’s Choice” cruise in October – assuming the Scottish government will let us sail. It will be grand to have it to look forward to, and it also fits into my plan of spending money, where possible, on small business which must be suffering horrendously in these hard times. The Majestic Line has been prompt and unquestioning about refunding money for cancelled cruises so far this season -- C. and I were meant to go on a "Wilderness cruise" in May.

Speaking of which,  I saw Kathy of Kathy’s Knits the other day, when I was out on my front step gardening. She is to re-open early next week, and complained only of boredom during the long hiatus.


Tamar, the point of the remark about there being only 125 people in the world is the remarkable coincidences that crop up from time to time, showing that 125 is enough to explain it all since roles are doubled. The most remarkable in my life was a boy I knew at Asbury Park High School who got sort of taken up by my mother and became a sort of family friend. He cropped up again, not all that many years ago, as a business associate of our next door neighbours in Kirkmichael.


  1. Oh my gosh, that cruise - it looks spectacular and serene - that is something really special to look forward to.

  2. Someone I worked with thirty years ago has just popped up again as the husband of someone my brother went to uni with, forty years ago. Small world, indeed.

    And how does a yarn shop owner complain of boredom? Did she run out of stock to sample? Just a joke, isolation has been terribly hard for everyone.

    Here in Melbourne our restrictions were about to lift but there’s been an increase in diagnosed cases so we are still in isolation as far as possible, to prevent a second wave.

    1. My daughter with two young boys lives in West Brunswick suburb of Melbourne. She is hoping they don't close the playgrounds again. She needs to get the 2 year old out running around!
      Sorry for the increase.

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I love the Majestic Line''s and your buoyant optimism in committing to this cruise. And strongly hope that neither of you will be thwarted by you know what. Think of a fun backup plan just in case. Chloe

  4. You booking your cruise has lifted my spirits and encourages me to believe our cruise around Scotland , booked for May 2021, will actually happen. Rearranging travel plans has been a major stressor for us, but things seem more settled now, thank goodness.

  5. =Tamar8:56 PM

    Best wishes for the cruises to go on as scheduled!