Monday, June 22, 2020

My personal trainer came this morning and found me weaker – or, at any rate, more breathless – than usual, which was a bit worrying. We had a good session, which left me feeling better, as usual.

Janet, what line are you sailing with, for your Scotland cruise next May? The news here is full of the dire situation of theatres, from the National down to the rooms-over-pubs. Deservedly so. But no one in authority is going to have time or mental energy to spare for small-boat cruise companies. Or any cruise companies.

I sailed with the Majestic Line in 2018 to the Outer Hebrides. I must have recorded it here. I had a grand time. One of the happiest features is the way the 12 passengers eat together at one table. “Hands up who wants whiskey on their porridge.” It would be possible, I suppose, to eat separately at small tables in the common room or saloon or whatever it’s called, and the food would be equally delicious, but oh! it would be sad.

And we’ve still got to go ashore in the tender, shoulder to shoulder.

Anyway, C. and I booked our October cruise today; the die is cast. It’s grand to have it to hope for.

And the EPS sleeve went forward nicely, too. There are three more increases to do, 12 rounds. Tomorrow should see it done, and, with luck, the second sleeve cast on.

Tomorrow is Rachel’s birthday, the first day of the rest of my life, as I most probably say to you every year.


I still haven’t told you about Sybille Bedford, but I haven’t forgotten. I have gone back to an abandoned Trollope, “Mr Scarborough’s Family”. I must have read about a third of it. I’ve started over from the beginning, and am only now finding it unfamiliar. It’s got a terrific McGuffin, and good characters, and a perfectly interesting love-situation, but it’s not a patch on “Doctor Thorne”. Why not?


  1. Oh, the idea of traveling again! I keep seeing emails from various airlines, but I don't know if I would brave it right now.

  2. We are travelling with a company that books space on ships from the Ponant line ,which is French. It sounds like the ship will be larger than the one you were on but still considered a small ship with about 200 guests. Mary Lou, it is the 6 hour flight that concerns me as well. I have never worn a mask for that long.

  3. On our trip to Shetland and Orkney in 2000, it was the sharing of tables which struck us as quite un-English. We met some fascinating people on the trip precisely because of this feature which seemed to be universal in the bed and breakfasts we used.