Monday, September 07, 2020


All well, although less was achieved than yesterday. That was Labor Day, wasn’t it? I hope everybody had a nice time.


I’ve moved on to the third gradient stripe, on the yoke of my EPS sweater. I’ve now decreased something slightly north of 50 stitches and like to imagine that it’s going a bit faster. I continue to be terribly pleased with it. I’m not much of a yellow-wearer. I can’t imagine why I bought the yarn (I’ve had it in my stash literally for years). The slight irregularity in the dye makes a big difference.


Talking-point on my cruise? I hope so, Shandy – at least in the sense that I hope we will be able to talk to each other. The companionship of the small group was a great pleasure on my previous Majestic Line cruise. I fear that Covid precautions may spoil things this time. I am also more than a little worried about the way the number of diagnoses has risen in the last two days. Will we be allowed to sail?


Short rows


In the end, I put in six. Meg just says, in the magazine article, “wrap and turn”, and so I did, although I have learned-and-forgotten several alternatives in recent years. Once the six short rows are in place, of course, one turns around and knits all the way around, knitting wrapped stitches with their wraps.


That means that one comes up from behind, so to speak, on the first three wraps-and-turns, and then encounters the final three head on. I find that the first set are close to perfect, but that there are detectable unevenness’s in the second lot. Nothing that a bit of gentle tugging and subsequent blocking won’t improve. But maybe I should refresh my memory about the alternative methods, if I am going to put in a few more short rows at the back neck.




Predictably, I have been completely lured from the straight-and-narrow by the re-reading of “Lethal White”. I meant to just read to the point the television series had reached, but when that came I couldn’t bear to stop. It’s a hefty book. I still don’t remember it.

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  1. Short rows: I really like German short rows. Patty Lyons has a good article on substituting them in a pattern that calls for wrap-&-turn: