Wednesday, September 02, 2020


All well. I have done the short rows on my EPS, and am ready to embark on the raglan decreases.


Mary Lou and Phyllis, of course you’re right. Meg’s magazine articles are for a raglan sweater, which is not the same as a round yoke’d one. Indeed, if I had had the patience to press on a bit further into Knitting Without Tears, I would have found Elizabeth’s own raglan instructions, which are virtually the same. She says that eight stitches deceased every-other-round produces the same slope whatever the gauge.


Ron, your comment about Jamieson & Smith yarn reminded me of my Profound Thought about how traditional knitters in the Olden Days didn’t have to worry about gauge. They knew their needles and they knew their yarn and could concentrate on design. Whereas we keep skipping about, and have to start from scratch every time.


I’m going to put the gradient stripes in, if only to postpone the moment when I have to wind the final skein of yarn.


I had a nice visit with Alexander this morning. The Scottish Government announced yesterday that people who live in Glasgow (like him) aren’t allowed to visit other people in their houses for the time being, because Covid infections are increasing there. We got around that by sitting on the doorstep. We talked about sourdough and what books to read on Indian history, but I didn’t consult him on knitting design after all. I should have got him to address the problem of getting pictures out of my iPad.




I am enjoying thinking about the cruise C. and I are going on next month. And especially enjoying thinking about new clothes – entirely unnecessary for a six-day cruise in an informal setting. Toast, whom I enjoy buying from, have got a Fair Isle sweater for which, they claim, their designer went to Shetland and talked to Carol Christiansen, the formidable curator of the Shetland Museum – and got the yarn at Jamieson and Smith.


I am expecting a delivery from Amazon. Every time I Track My Package it has been moved 20 minutes later. I’ll never get to bed.


  1. It will have the same slope, but depending on the row gauge, it may not give you the yoke depth you want. The cruise...sigh.

  2. A cruise sounds very "get new clothes" worthy! I have three skeins to wind and I should do it now before I need them. Take care, Jean!

  3. Oh yes - get the Fair Isle jumper! Certainly looks authentic. Then think practically about waterproofs and footwear.