Saturday, September 05, 2020

 All well, but oh! dear. How little it takes to throw us old folks off course!


Last night, as I was going to bed, I noticed that my keys weren’t in Their Place. I looked around a bit. No luck.


I went to bed, and even got to sleep. But then woke up, starkly worrying. And then got up and started looking anew.


When we went out for my walk, the day before, had I handed the keys to Archie when we got back, while I inspected my beans? Had he put them in his pocket? (I’ve got a surprisingly good crop of beans on the doorstep.) I emailed him.


Then I found the keys – in a place where I must have laid them down myself. I was drafting a second email when he phoned (emails are date-stamped, so he knew I was awake and up). It was a comfort to speak to him. I went to bed, after a bit (it was then about 3), expecting to sleep instantly and soundly, but I didn’t. I had an Italian lesson this morning at 7:30, not at my brightest, and have spent the rest of the day recovering.


So the moral is, put the keys away where they belong promptly. I don’t go out more than once a day. I should be able to manage that.




I was very interested to have you say, Mary Lou, that an odd number of rows in a stripe look better than even. So I instinctively feel, on no evidence. So I’ll press on. I may have enough yarn to do seven rows in this first yoke stripe. If not, at least part of the 7th.


No knitting, no reading, even, other than journalism, on this unsettled day.


  1. You are lucky to get your journalism - the demonstrators managed to prevent the papers from leaving the printers for us here in the midlands.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    When I was a beader I was told that the most pleasing spacing between single or dominant beads on a necklace was 1-1/2 inches. Looks like stripes are the same type of thing. Chloe

  3. The odd number stripe is based on something told to me once by a knitter I admire. I'm sure there is a scientific reason, but it just is more visually appealing. Glad you found the keys!