Monday, September 14, 2020


Another day. I went back to the earliest days of this blog last night, for want of something to read, and found that I was (among other things) knitting a Koigu sweater for Mungo (Archie’s younger brother) from these very EPS instructions in Knitter's Magazine. And in that case, at about this stage, I lengthened the yoke by decreasing every three rounds instead of every two.


So I decided it might, after all, be a good idea to do that here.


How strong I was in those days! How much knitting I got done!




Wendy, thank you for the glimpse at the Wall Street Journal’s review of the new Comoran Strike. Tomorrow! I think. I don’t know which of my hypotheses of yesterday is thereby supported. And Mary Lou, thank you for the news of a new Tana French. This glum time of year is rich in new books. Including cookery. We’ve had Jamie Oliver and Ottolenghi, with (I believe) Nigella to come.




Jean and Cam, thanks for the sheep-y comments. The Boreray sheep are a cross between a primitive breed, now lost, and Scottish blackface. They have the useful characteristic you mention, of shedding their wool of their own accord, and also have short tails that don’t need to be docked. The Good Lord has clearly set them up for life on Boreray. I think, even so, that they must be visited occasionally, and excess rams removed.


I’m not enjoying the mutton stew very much, however, Helen has 3/4s made a vegetarian of me.


And no, Mary Lou, I’ve never seen “The Edge of the World” and would like to. I got to wondering today whether, if strength suffices, I could go on a Majestic Line cruise to St Kilda – but they’re all booked up for next year. Good news for them.


  1. A few years back I watched a programme (on BBC Alba, I think) about the sheep population on an uninhabited island, who were visited once a year for a looking-at and removal of some excess population. This was done by a party of several men, who stayed several days and gathered the whole flock (perhaps) and then set the ones to remain loose again. Was this Boreray? I can't remember.The ones to be removed just had their legs tied, and dropped into the bottom of the boats

  2. =Tamar3:30 PM

    I hope all is well with you. I haven't found mutton especially appetizing at the best of times. It is not easy to be a vegetarian and get enough protein and, if I recall correctly, B vitamins. Perhaps your doctor might have a recommendation.