Sunday, September 20, 2020


There is little to report. Mary Lou, I ordered the new Tana French – but I have to wait until November. I do agree with your friend who wouldn’t be surprised to hear the end of the world announced in tomorrow’s news summary.


No exercise again today – I didn’t feel entirely sound, this morning, and anyway was waiting for a delivery of some frozen food. My friend G. is going to take me to a supermarket on Tuesday. I haven’t been to one for ages, having given up the car. That will be a real treat. And now I have a delicious 48 hours to think of things I might want. It's time to make more kimchi, I think. 


However, I progressed nicely with the yoke of the EPS sweater. I have reached the stage where I was beginning to feel, uneasily, that I really ought to thread it onto waste yarn and try it on. I decided, instead, to hold it up against a finished sweater that more or less fits, and by that measure (Gudrun’s Kirigami) it’s time to put in the short rows to raise the back neck, so I’ll do that tomorrow.




I’m reading the letters of the Mitford sisters to each other. I think I mentioned it before. There are many interesting aspects, but I need something more structured. It is alarming how well-disposed most of them were to Hitler. They were acquainted, and he is referred to as “sweet” more than once. Genuinely, not ironically. I am hard-put to think of another character in history to whom the epithet seems less applicable. Genghis Khan? Ivan the Terrible?


  1. What about "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry? That's a great chunk of a book, and I remember enjoying the picture of family and community in India which it gave - along with some pretty awful details.

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    That's a good idea by Shandy. I'm reading "A Fine Balance" right now, it was on the community bookshelf at the Doctors.
    I don't think Henry VIII was ever called sweet either, certainly not after the first wedding anniversaries.