Wednesday, September 23, 2020


You’ll never guess what arrived in the post today, so I’ll have to tell you. A ballot!


I voted for Obama, registering at my last American address in Monmouth County, NJ. It was hard work. I sort of thought that once I had done it, I would stay registered, but no. I didn’t bother going through it all again last time – I wasn’t all that keen on Hillary. And now this!


I spoke to C. today. She and Manaba (and Christina) are having a tough time. Christina needs total care since her fall from that horse, except that she is able to hobble to the bathroom on her own once she has been helped to her feet. She is still breast-feeding wee Hamish. It is important to her to go on doing it. She blames herself for the disaster, and is suffering as much from that as from her own pain and discomfort. She will see a neurosurgeon soon and the hope will be that the shattered vertebra is mending and that she won’t need surgery.


Knitting progresses well. I am doing the neck ribbing on the EPS sweater. I switched to dp needles and then decided that they were a bit precarious – all those opposite ends for the stitches to slip off of – and switched back to a circular. The stitches aren’t under any stress but they have to be pushed around rather a lot.


Some people were here yesterday to make a rather wonderful little video of Helen as a mosaicist. Perdita has a starring role. Paradox couldn’t have done it half so well. (That link doesn't seem to work. Why not?)


I have started chopping up vegetables to make some kimchi from ingredients obtained during yesterday’s trip to Waitrose. Alas there was only one Chinese (Napa) cabbage, so there won’t be much. I hope to get it salted down this evening.




I’m now down to two Mitford sisters, all the others dead. The survivors are the Duchess of Devonshire and Diana, the widow of the British fascist Oswald Mosley. Those two seem to have been the closest to each other anyway.


  1. I hope you mean Biden, not Obama, since he isn't running. There is a bunch of stuff on the front of your link - here is the actual link from the end

    1. Thanks for the link!
      I think Jean was commenting on voting in the election in 2008 not the current election.

  2. oldwickedsongz@gmail.com6:15 PM

    Wonderful appearance by Perdita!

  3. Really love the guerrilla mosaic idea - and its execution in the examples we saw! Lovely video.

  4. Lovely pace, lighting and narrative - and a daughter to be immensely proud of.

  5. I so enjoyed Helen's video on mosaics and the cameo of Perdita. Thanks for the link, Joni.
    Love the random installations...certainly not random, but they must see random to those who see them....

  6. Referring back to yesterday's fogged glasses, if you fold a tissue into a rectangle about 3" x 1" and place it across your nose before the mask and glasses, it helps a lot. Hard to remember to do, though, from personal experience! I don't go out often enough to form good habits.

  7. Hope more people bother to vote this time round.

  8. What a fun little video! Perdita was perfect. I wish I could spot some guerilla mosaics!

  9. Anonymous1:41 AM

    I would guess you were registered, but previously, you had to specifically request a mail-in (absentee) ballot. This year, because of Covid, all registered voters in NJ will receive a mail-in ballot. If you do intend to vote (and I hope you do!), fill it in in, sign it, and mail it ASAP. You know mail in the US has been slowed down by a Trump flunkie who wants to make voting as difficult as possible,

    Beverly in NJ

  10. The mosaics, especially Perdita's mosaic, are lovely!
    The only place I wear a mask is at the little djembe drumming workshop I run, only 6 of us, meeting in a church so we might keep going now that we've only just restarted. I find it is tempting to hyperventilate when wearing it which would make one dizzy. I become very conscious of my breathing to begin with.
    I'm knitting Cat Bordhi's 'rio calino' cowl as a lap rug to finish up a large amount of leftover Aran. I'm a cable newbie and this is a good way to start. I have only just come across her patterns, it is on a post at MDK. So sad, so courageous.

  11. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Hope I can find that link - Helen AND Perdita! The Miitfords were raised in a very unorthodox way, as I recall, which I assume accounts for all that fascist hysteria. Although with Jessica I believe as it was communism. They sure knew how to kick up a fuss. I think Nancy was the only close-to-level-headed one. I think she was very funny. i I think I laughed a lot reading her book(s). But so long ago, I'm not sure. Fun remembering it through your eyes, Jean. Chloe

  12. Paradox’s tail would have awed the crowd, but Perdita did well indeed.