Thursday, September 10, 2020


The good news is that Andrew and Andrea are back. The bad news is that there is going to be another gap, of unspecified length, before they reappear. I haven’t entirely finished watching the new episode, but have very much enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.


And, of course, I got some knitting done while I watched. I’m now on the penultimate gradient round in the yoke of my EPS sweater. When I finish the gradients, it will be time to measure, and wind the new background-colour skein, and alas! count stitches. All looks well.


I’ve signed up for Kate Davies’ new club. It offers some consolation for the sense of Christmas which is beginning to appear like a sense of mice in the kitchen. I often make presents of my knitting, but I would never set myself such a goal. This time of year is stressful enough without that.


If our cruise sets sail next month, I will take Carol Sunday’s brioche cowl along to knit, I think. I bought the yarn, along with yarn for her Machu Picchu sweater, in April, I think, but have never downloaded the pattern. Today I sought and found it. So that’s something done= Perdita just came and sat on my keyboard. I deleted most of what she wrote, but thought you might like to see some of it.




Weavinfool, I wonder if you could be right, about a bladder infection? I have had no contact with drs in 2020, except for a telephone consultation when I bruised my ribs that time. (There’s something to be said for isolation!) I felt marginally stronger today, and got round the garden with Helen.


No, Sarah, I’ve never read the “Forsyte” books. I remember the excitement about the television series, before we had TV at home. That’s not a bad idea. For the moment, to pad out the days before the new Robert Galbraith next week, I have gone for the Mitford sisters: Jessica’s autobiography; and the correspondence of all six, amongst themselves.


  1. My book club has just 'done' Rose Macauley's 'The wilderness my way'; she also wrote The Towers of Trebizond which I might have a go at. Our new book is Katherine Mansfield short stories; there are so many that we said (at randon) we wohld read 'In a German Oension'. We found you could download the complete works on Kindle for 75p! There is always 'The Enchanted April', Elizabeth von someone or other, and 'Miss Buncle's Book' which I adore for something light.

  2. I read most of the Forsythe books, and quite enjoyed them, as I recall. A cowl sounds like perfect cruise knitting. I hope we will get photos!

  3. I've read several books on the Mitford family, collectively and individually and all are fascinating. The collection of letters between Deborah and Patrick Leigh Fermor is interesting. Also, have you ever read Penelope Fitzgerald's The Knox Brothers?