Sunday, September 13, 2020


The baptism was a great success. Wee Hamish behaved himself impeccably. The ceremony was live-streamed to his paternal relatives in South Africa. I’ll have some pictures soon. He wore a dress I had knit for his second cousin once removed (I hope I’ve got that right), namely James’ and Cathy’s younger daughter Kirsty.


Despite some moth holes it served him well.


And I have progressed well here. The final skein has been wound for the EPS sweater. There were several breakages – presumably more moths. The yarn has been in stash for quite a while, but there were no lapses in the other skeins. The new yarn has been joined in, the yoke counted and calculated. It may be slightly too shallow. I’ll knit on for a wee while and think again.


And I have printed Carol Sunday’s pattern for her Wavy Brioche Cowl, the pattern I had thought I might knit on next month’s cruise. Oh, dear. Am I up to it? I’ve knit brioche before. I enjoy it. It’s not that. It’s the preliminary steps, including the question of whether or not to twist the initial circular cast-on in order to produce “an infinity cowl that lies flat when worn”. The pattern says that Carol has provided instructional videos. I’ll have to get to grips with them before embarkation (although of course I will have my iPad with me – we are never separated).


Maybe I’d better take socks to knit, as used to be usual.




I’ve finished my re-read of “The Towers of Trebizond”, with much pleasure.


The new Cormoran Strike is due on Tuesday. I was mildly surprised that I haven’t found it reviewed yet. It used to be common to review books before publication date, without saying so. I have more than once presented myself at a bookstore sales counter, asking for something which proved to be not yet available.


Has that irritating practice lapsed? Have newspaper editors decided that this is just one-in-a-series and doesn’t need reviewing? Has J.K.Rowling told her publishers that she doesn’t want it reviewed in advance? I’ll never know.


  1. Beautiful sweater, Jean, I love the colors!
    I just Googled "the Edge of the World" and a link popped up with the movie. I will watch soon.
    I always find interesting things here!

  2. Take socks. You are going on holiday, not to work camp! :)

  3. Here in the US it isn’t available for a few days, not sure about over there. Take socks for back-up, always!

  4. I forgot to add there is a new Tana French coming in a few weeks as well.

  5. The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal gave it a good review. "Balancing social comedy, surprising twists, and Grand Guignol horror, this doorstopping volume proves a formidable entertainment from the first page to the last"

  6. If you try to start the cowl to be flat, if it twists ( like happens to me) you’ll be pleased either way.😊

  7. =Tamar8:48 PM

    They still review books before publication. While it improves first-day sales, it is very annoying and I, too, have embarrassed myself by complaining that a book was not on the shelves yet.