Sunday, October 03, 2021


Here I am. I’m still very weak, although at least there have been no more falls. Appetite not very good.


I’ve been enjoying Franklin’s daily posts as he settles into Parisian life. There was a long one – before I went into hospital – about the horrors of trying to open a French bank account. The real trouble, as I think he knew, was the American Internal Revenue, although the French were adding a few Gallic flourishes. 


C. has been looking after her grandson wee Hamish today, and he has been diagnosed with “hand, foot and mouth” disease in the course of the afternoon. She thought he had chicken pox. I have never heard of it. It has nothing to do – the internet assures me – with farmyard “foot and mouth”. That’s good, anyway. But this presumably means I won’t see C. for a while. Archie came to see me today. We walked up and down the passage.


  1. Like you, I don't really know what hand foot and mouth is - but I suspect it was just "a bit of a rash" back in the time when we rarely took things like that to the doctor unless it was obviously bad. better to avoid it though! Bless Archie - that angel in disguise!

  2. Is it on Facebook that you are following Franklin? I'm afraid that even for him I just can't...have no account, never had, never will. Sigh. Blogs are so much better! Thank you for yours, Jean.

  3. All my grandchildren have had hand foot and mouth disease. It is not serious, but very contagious to other children so they get sent home from childcare, much to their parent's dismay. It manifests itself as a small rash that can have blisters and goes away soon.
    I, like all of you, never heard of it when my daughters were little.

    Glad to see your post today! Keep getting stronger! We need you!

  4. Sorry to hear that Hamish is sick and you won't be able to see him. I looked up Hand Foot and Mouth. It sounds like he will be over it in 1 to 2 weeks.
    I too am jealous of your being able to follow Franklin but if it is Facebook I will just have to sit it out and hope he puts something on YouTube.

  5. I just had to put off a photo op with a favorite male model, as he had Hand Foot and Mouth that he caught at daycare.

  6. Thanks for the post -- good to hear from you, whatever the news. Had a good time at virtual Shetland Wool Week this past week - saw some friends from Shetland and got some top tips for improving my knitting technique. Thought of you, Jean!