Thursday, October 28, 2021


I’m sorry about yesterday. I interact with the outside world so little these days that the simplest thing sends me into a tizzy – yesterday, a straightforward hospital appt to discuss my CT scan. And into a corresponding state of exhaustion afterwards.


The appt was at the nearby Western Infirmary, which was an improvement to start with. C. came with me. There were seats at the entrance. C. found a wheelchair. All went smoothly. The consultant said that the nodules – or whatever the word was – on my lungs in the scan are very common in the elderly, and 98% of them are harmless. I’ll have another scan in January to see how they are progressing. It’s always nice, as we plunge into the darkness, to have something in prospect for after the solstice.


Before we left, I set Daniela to find the Machu Picchu knitting – and she did. I did a certain amount of it yesterday afternoon and today. I think my fingers are recovering some skill – they never had much.


I have also found the Coofle colours, but not the main colour of which there must be four or five balls somewhere. And none of the missing patterns (Machu Picchu, legwarmers, Coofle), all of which have been here recently. I spent some time this morning sorting carefully, sheet by sheet, through Piles of Paper. No luck, as far as patterns are concerned, but by no means a waste of time.




I hope some of you are watching the cheetah kittens. ( They’re now in their third week and putting on bulk. They’re keen to explore the world, as they have been since birth, but their hind legs keep letting them down (as with domestic kittens) despite the fact that they will soon be the best hind legs in the world. The notes say somewhere that cheetahs are the fastest land animal.


My sister has had a successful Covid test, clearing her for take-off. She’ll be here next week.


  1. Such a good post Jean. Keep them coming. You have so many friends out here in the ether just hanging on your every word. How does it feel to be such a famous knitter??

  2. So happy to read such a positive post. I keep checking in and I'm so disappointed when you haven't posted.
    I'm happy to hear you're getting a bit of knitting done. I miss your daily posts about my lovely hometown

  3. =Tamar6:59 PM

    Hooray for all the good news! Daniela found the knitting, but where? Maybe you need to arrange a particular spot for all knitting current knitting to be put when not in use. Perhaps a large container with a lid and a label.
    I am impressed - I have piles of papers to go through and they seem to get taller every day.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Hooray for Daniela! So pleased to hear you're feeling like doing some knitting again. I can't agree about the skill, though. You have made some, nay many, impressive creations.

    If you decide to order any more yarn etc, please be careful - the fake parcel scam is active again. I've had two this week. It does rather give it away when the first is fake Hermes and the second is fake DPD; especially as I haven't ordered anything for months! Just don't click on any links!
    All the best
    Helen (Anon)

  5. I do envy your ability to see a bright side, even to a CT scan! Here Autumn has hardly even begun yet - the trees just turning and wonderful golden afternoons. No sense of "Winter is coming" at all.

  6. Good news is worth waiting for. If you happen to find a cone of dark navy linen has come to visit your yarn would you please tell it to go back home? :)

  7. Good news! And it sounds as if you are feeling a bit more energetic. I found my missing yarn and project bag. And indeed, if it were a dog it would have bitten me.

  8. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Oh, I'm glad your knitting was found, hooray for Daniela! And that's good news about your sister's test, I'm sure her visit will be uplifting.

    And thanks for the tip about the cheetah cubs, the last time I checked, the mom had moved them outside (no camera). Right now, I'm listening to the sound of the pouring rain on the top of their den while the cubs are nursing away.

    Anne C. in Bethesda, MD