Saturday, October 30, 2021


I’m concerned about the Queen, as many of us must be. Ninety-five is awfully old. When she was in hospital overnight a few days ago, they told us it was for “preliminary tests”. Preliminary to what? The Palace usually uses language very carefully. Perhaps that was a rare example of someone groping for a meaningless four-syllable word. There has been no comment about it since.


I read somewhere that since then she has not been seen about Windsor walking her dogs. But of course she could have started walking them again – no one would have felt it necessary to tell me.


I’ve knitted peacefully forward on the Machu Picchu. I haven’t found any of the missing yarn or patterns.




This morning in the Times I read one of those articles reminding us about distinguished novels of the past – “Mrs Bridge”, in this case. I bought myself a Kindle edition of it at once, as I often do in such cases. It’s a Penguin Modern Classic, no less. I don’t remember having heard of it before. And I am disappointed. I thought maybe it would be us but it isn’t. Mr and Mrs Bridge are ten years older than my parents, and there is a great gulf besides. Mrs Bridge votes as her husband tells her to. My mother was a socialist in the ‘30’s. She even had a cat named Norman Thomas but he left in a huff when I was born and my parents were more interested in me than in him.


That’s not a very serious critique, but I still was disappointed in the book. I guess I can see what the author was trying to do. I'll finish it. It's mercifully short.



  1. Reading your blog with heightened interest. My husband turns 88 today. We are now transitioning to increased care in Assisted Living

    1. Assisted living in what is know as very sheltered accommodation was a boone for my parents. Self-contained flats, with carers on site 24 hours. My mother needed carers 4 times a day so this was perfect. Now my father is on his own (he is 92) his independent and can be fairly certain of continuing to be independent,
      going to the dining room for lunch if he is not out for the day on coach trips all over everywhere!

  2. Jenny8:01 PM

    The Queen was told to stop walking her dogs and to stop riding her horses. Apparently riding was causing her discomfort. Genteely said!

  3. =Tamar12:41 AM

    I speculate that "preliminary tests" could mean they're testing everything they have a test for, just to get a baseline for what "normal" is for her. If they then change her regular meds (most people at 95 are taking something even if it's only a multivitamin), and then test again, they will know whether it made a change.

    Sometimes a short book has a major event at the end. I've read some that had the entire point of the book in one line in the last scene. A real "blink and you'll miss it."