Saturday, October 23, 2021


Not too bad a day, by my currently low standards.


I found the letter about the third hospital appt -=- I was worried about that one. I’ve put it where it belongs, with hospital letters. And thereby accidentally established that I’m right: the consultant I am going to see next week is the one who dealt with me about embolisms, five years ago. I’ve gone a long way down hill since then.


I had a look round to see if there was any sign of an Edinburgh Yarn Festival for next year. No, apparently not. We’d need to have classes lined up and signed for by now.


I gave some thought to Brooklyn Tweed’s “Idiom” pattern. Poor Franklyn, in Paris, is beginning to receive his worldly goods which he has shipped to himself from Chicago – and finds that he is paying heavy import duties. My sister is coming for a brief visit in November – I could ask her to act as a yarn mule. She’s done it for me before. This time, however, she may well be planning to travel cabin-luggage-only, and yarn is bulky. And I don’t need it anyway.


And I knit a few rounds of the Kaffe Fassett sock.


  1. I keep my current hospital letters held by an extra strong magnet to the fridge door! But I still find stray ones here and there around the house.

  2. Yes, yarn is bulky, but it compresses nicely. A sweater’s worth may not fit into a true carryon, but a shawl’s worth of lace weight — or some sock yarn — would.

  3. =Tamar8:22 PM

    I use magnets to hold currently-important stuff to my steel front door, where I will see it every day. (And occasionally knock it down and have to pick it up, but that gets my attention too.)

  4. How did we ever manage without fridge magnets?

    1. Sadly, I have a stainless steel fridge and magnets don't work! The only advantage is that I have a very sleek kitchen.

  5. Franklin didn't have to pay import duties on the things he shipped to himself, but did on a package of his things that his father had shipped to him. I'm glad all his good seemed to have arrived safely

  6. Think we can abandon all hope of ever going to anymore EYF's in the imminent future. No word about them anywhere. Clear plastic pouches are great for storing important correspondence like hospital letters You can see at a glance their contents without having to delve. Continued good convalesence to you.