Friday, October 29, 2021


This morning I saw that my keys weren’t in their proper place. I set Daniela to find them, and she did so at once. Those patterns must be somewhere really fancy, to elude her. Three of them (legwarmers, Coofle, Machu Picchu) – and the legwarmers are in a plastic sleeve so it would have been difficult to throw them out in a mistaken tidying of a pile of paper. My mother, by the way -- born in 1906, I think; raised in the mid west -- used to say that it was a snake that would have bit you.


I knit some more of Machu Picchu (although I ought to be knitting wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup vest). It’s very peaceful and, as I’ve said, the yarn is blissful on the hands. I’m at that stage – and I’m sure we’ve all spent a lot of time there – where I can knit on and on (upwards from the initial ribbing) and never seem to make any progress at all. I think what I need just now is to get back into the way of knitting.


The pattern, wherever it is, is completely different. It’s top-down, with a shaped waist. I have no waist, so I don’t want that; and I agree with Meg that it’s much more fun to have the knitting of the beautiful yoke to look forward to. So I don’t really need the pattern for quite a while.




For reading, I’ve gone back to Montalbano in Italian. The effort involved makes it seem vaguely more highbrow than Allingham. And I’m trying to think of meals for my sister, arriving next Thursday morning. Something I’m strong enough to rustle up and mildly, at least, interesting to eat. Chicken tray-bake.


Helen (anon), you’re right to beware of the Fake Parcel Scam. Rachel’s husband Ed got caught by it recently, and he’s fairly savvy. No great financial harm – perhaps none at all – but he had to change his cards, which is always a bore, and he felt foolish. I constantly have things delivered, mostly from Amazon but by no means entirely, and they’ve never tried that one on me. I constantly remember, and shudder at the memory, the time they nearly got me with you-need-to-move-all-your-money-into-a-safe-account.


  1. Jean, my parents — one from Central, one from Western Pennsylvanian, and born 1923/1929, respectively — used the same “snake” saying. I use it, too.

    So glad that your sister is able to visit. I find the prospect of international travel daunting (but am scheduled to do it in January).

  2. My mother was raised in NJ by an Irish mother. No snakes in Ireland, so maybe dog fit better!

  3. Allison5:10 PM

    We've heard and said the 'snake' thing forever... So much so that my brother & I only say Snake! now when something lost turns out to be right there.