Friday, January 08, 2016

All I can say is – help!

My husband is well, ready to come home and complete the current course of oral antibiotics here. Everything was going smoothly yesterday – when someone phoned social services, to re-start the care they provide, and found that they have cancelled it on the grounds that my husband had been 72 hours in hospital which wasn't even true. The whole process has to start again.

The hospital is as angry and frustrated as we are. They were going to try a phone call from a senior consultant. I don't know if that has been attempted yet, but I can't see even a senior consultant getting very far where Ketki has failed.

So the only thing to do is to see if the private company which has been providing us with some extra care all along, can cover getting-up-in-the-morning and going-to-bed, which is what social services had been doing. I'll phone them as soon as the office opens.

However, that is trivial compared to my other problem. I was sitting at the kitchen table just now, pulling myself together to face a difficult day, and Perdita was wandering around the room looking for mischief to get into. She got onto the refrigerator and then onto a high shelf and knocked off an old bean pot. It fell with a considerable crash and some breakage.

And the cat is gone.

I can understand her cowering somewhere to recover for a moment. But she's gone. She isn't responding to my calls, as she always does, especially at meal times and even if she's asleep somewhere. She isn't still up on the high shelf. She isn't lying dead behind the refrigerator – I moved it to look, and now can't get it back. She's not a cuddly cat, but she's a very social one and always prefers to be where people are. And of people, I think, prefers me.

There's no knitting to report anyway. If I am mortally ill, the first thing I've got to do is finish the Dunfallandy blankie so I'd better get back to that today.

Oh, pussy! Where are you?


  1. Bad enough that the social services are messing you about - and it's Friday too, so no help till Monday.
    But the cat!!!!!
    is there the slightest chance she could have got out of the house? If not, she will have wedged herself into somewhere she can't get out of. Ideally, you could do with the loan of a sniffer dog.

    1. No, she couldn't have got out. Young healthy cats don't die of heart attacks, do they? But if she were stuck somewhere, wouldn't she cry? She's not a dog. It won't occur to her that I might be cross about the bean pot. Oh, dear cat!

  2. Deep breaths, Jean...and don't try to move anything heavy by yourself. The hospital will not discharge your husband, so he is safe and warm. The cat will emerge when hungry. You need to take care of yourself, so you are still on your feet when they both need you later. Thinking of you...

    1. But she is hungry. I hadn't given her her breakfast yet.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Try not to worry too much Jean, I imagine the noise was explosive, and unlike anything she'd ever heard. She'll come out in a little while once she's gotten over the shock, you could try leaving a few tasty morsels strategically placed. Remember how good she is at climbing, so she may have taken refuge on top of a wardrobe or press. Thinking of you, as I know how much we all love these little companions. Eileen.

  4. She'll be in a wardrobe or under the bed, her secret hiding place which is so secret even you don't know about it. All my cats have one and if I find it they change spots. One cat used to squeeze his huge furry bum through a gap about three inches across to get under a chest of drawers. Another went into a carrier bag in a wardrobe, another into a box on top of a wardrobe. They've all got these places. She'll come out when she's hungry. If she hears you calling for her in a stressed way she'll think you're cross and not come out. Leave an open tin of tuna or some prawns or a warm sausage out on the kitchen table, she'll smell them and come out eventually.

  5. Good gracious. Moving refrigerators? I was reassured to read the comments from cat people. Dogs are never that difficult to find.