Saturday, January 09, 2016

What a difference a day makes!

Social services relented and care has been restored. My husband came home yesterday afternoon, in good shape. The more huggable of our two regular carers came in the evening to put him to bed, so I hugged her. The diabetic nurse came for the evening injection – I had worried about whether the message would reach her. Everything seems to be back in place.

The cat is in a bad way, in that her right front leg is unusable. She is making a good job of hobbling about three-legged. Presumably she and the bean pot came hurtling down from that high shelf together. She doesn't seem to me to be in distress or pain when she is sitting still. She will let me stroke and even fondle the affected leg without protest. Her appetite is unaffected. I really don't see what a vet could do for her.

She seemed surprised and rather pleased to find both of us in bed last night, She has her faults, but she has always been an admirable bed-cat.

I'll re-think medical attention if she continues like this into next week, but it is a week unusually packed with event, kicking off on Monday with a visit by me to my consultant at which I expect to discuss my future vis a vis Warfarin. And I can only leave the house when a carer is here.

Perdita has always had a strong predilection for heights, and especially for high shelves on which there are things which might profitably be knocked off. Alexander and Ketki came here on Thursday, before going to the hospital. While they were here she climbed onto my shoulder and from there, jumped to the top of the door. He took this picture to show my husband.


Progress around the long circumference of the Dunfallandy blankie has been resumed and should advance steadily as I spend time sitting with him.

By now we've all presumably seen the three new colours of Kate Davies' unspellable and unpronounceable yarn (I refuse to make the effort). What we are all waiting for, surely, is her first sweater designs for it. It's lovely stuff, all right. And she's right, the colours go beautifully together,

[As we are also waiting for the announcement of a publication date for the Vintage Shetland Project. I continue to feel a bit annoyed about that one.]


  1. Could your lovely cleaning lady take Perdita to the vet, perhaps? With a note from you describing what happened and symptoms?

  2. With such an injury, why on earth would you put off taking her to the vet?? If anything is broken, the mending will be much worse come next week.

  3. With such an injury, why on earth would you put off taking her to the vet?? If anything is broken, the mending will be much worse come next week.

  4. she could have dislocated something. Glad to hear your husband is back and well again.

  5. Glad that things are back in place. What is it with cats knocking things off shelves? Some survival mechanism gone awry?

  6. Oh, happiness! I'm so glad things are better. The picture of Perdita on top of the door is priceless.

  7. Poor Perdita

    If you ring your regular vet, you should be able to find out about their out of hours cover. There is an out of hours animal hospital on gorgie which is open over the weekend. Might be worth calling them...

  8. Is her leg or paw swollen? My Fiona was much like Perdita in her younger days and she frequently would sprain a wrist by jumping from high places.

  9. One of our cats (actually two of the hunting cats we have had over the years) would often appear with a sore paw. Only once did we notice some sort of abscess and shelled out $450.00 to repair an infection. The other times the paw mended itself. Seriously, after the $450.00 abscess, I renamed Ted for a while. He was newly named $450.00.

  10. rosesmama7:33 PM

    I think cats know when they are bruised and do their version of "staying off their feet". If she doesn't bite you when you touch it, it can't be that bad.

    Our cat once disappeared for several days. Someone had broken a window in our house to break in. We feared that he had climbed out the rather large hole, when he had actually been hiding in the basement. He never did like loud noises, and did like lolling about on the couch that was under the window. We surmised that the window broke while he was there and scared him silly.

  11. Anonymous10:00 PM

    So glad your husband is back and services restored. Wonderful Perdita pic, thank you. Hope her leg will continue to heal.
    - Beth in Ontario

  12. Would it not be better to call the vet and ask what they advise? It may be something as easy as putting a splint on it to allow it to heal... It would be regrettable if not calling and attending to it would led to larger problems.

    That being said, I imagine the scheduling involved to be able to take her to the vet is more difficult. Perhaps your cleaner or a friend would take her?

    Good luck, sending hugs from my two cats to Perdita to mend quickly!

  13. I agree with rosesmama above; keep an eye on Perdita and don't worry too much. If she were badly hurt you would not be touching her leg without being scratched.