Sunday, January 10, 2016

I wrote a bit last night (below) – gloomy, and it doesn't advance things much. Open Office has taken to marking every single word as misspelled and I can't figure out how to turn it off. I have never succeeded in getting “Word” onto this machine although we use it everywhere else.

I think Southern Gal's idea of phoning the vet tomorrow is a good one. (Never mind my pulmonary embolisms – it's the cat's FOOT that matters.)

I spent some time on Ravelry last night looking at what people had done with Kate Davies' yarn. There are some very nice things indeed. Everything I saw, except for one, were the little things which KD has already published patterns for. That one was an all-over two-colour vest pattern by Eunny Jang and it looked wonderful. The future promises well.

Here's what I wrote last night:


I don't know what to do about the cat. She hobbles about fairly cheerfully. She has complicated matters somewhat by going into heat, I think.

Knitting went rather better. I got around the Dunfallandy blankie border several times. I counted the stitches and found that I had the same number on each side. Howzzat!!! I'm perhaps slightly past the half-way mark on the st st part of the border, allowing for the fact that the number of stitches is increasing all the time.


  1. If Perdita's leg isn't significantly better by tomorrow she needs to go to the vet. Delegate thus if you must but if it needs done then it needs done, otherwise she could end up with some sort of permanent damage. And she can get booked in for spaying at the same time?

  2. Yes, Isabella is right....and please, make sure she doesn't get out, or you will have a family of cats to take care of :)

  3. Another possibility would be to call a vet who makes house calls--a mobile vet, so called. That cuts out a huge amount of stress, for human and cat alike. We close our cats up in the bathroom before the vet is due to arrive to thwart any last-minute scurrying under the bed.

  4. I would call the vet. If there is a break anywhere it will heal wrong without splinting....I err on the side of safety with my cats and dogs. As they cannot tell us where or how bad it hurts.

  5. Well, if limping Perdita DOES get out I shall fly to Scotland and claim a kitten. Prayers for a good day, Jean.

  6. Jean, your 'gloomy' summary had me smiling. It sounded like an Arctic explorers journal. Weary. Knitting rather better. Just don't add that you are going out and it may be some time! I hope today improves and your appointment and health is the one thing that matters.

  7. Perdita in heat? Just to add another complication to your life. Concentrate on her leg. Good luck.

  8. Carol, San Diego CA5:02 PM

    Congrats on managing the same number of sts on the D-blankie - progress!
    Glad your husbad is home with carers back on schedule. Good wishes to you at your doctor appt tomorrow; I'm a bit concerned over your wreariness. And, hopefully, Perdita's paw will turn out to be something minor.

  9. Anonymous5:53 PM

    When my mother's cat was in the closet (uncomplaining), an x-ray showed that she had a broken leg. It didn't need treatment, as I recall, and she healed just fine, but I agree that it's best to check.
    Hope you are feeling better too!
    Carol in Long Island

  10. Anonymous8:41 PM

    The blanket border sounds very successful. Congratulations indeed.
    I hope the appointments go well on Monday.

  11. About the red underlining in your program ... I suspect somehow the language for the spell checker has been changed away from English.

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