Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I found my husband in surprisingly good spirits yesterday, and I've since then had a good night's sleep myself, so things seem brighter this morning. You're absolutely right about “one ear open”, catdownunder. It wasn't a requirement last night, for the first time in a while. All I had to concern myself with was the cat. Alexander is coming over today.

My husband is being treated for a urinary infection, not a chest one as expected, and his oxygen saturation is said to be good. Of all that he has been through in the last year, the urinary ward was probably the worst (although not bad at all, by any rational standard). But so far this time he is in the Assessment ward, with only one other bed in the room. I never got out of Assessment, myself. Maybe he'll stay there.

I have an INR blood test today and will just have to hope that ripe cheese and avocados balance out a few ciders.

Little to report else. I've increased about 80 stitches by now on the border of the Dunfallandy blankie – enough that the circuit is noticeably slower.

I'm enjoying looking at madtosh colours and thinking about a sleeved sweater for my husband. Hokieknitter, I, too, think that Georgia O'Keefe was the yarn I used for the sleeveless one that went missing. The art historical connection was attractive. But that one was green, undoubtedly, and Georgia O'K now looks blue. I must trawl back through the archives. “Fir Wreath” and “Earl Grey” are current contenders, based on computer-screen viewing, but I still hope to get to Loop soon and do it in person.

With so many wonderful DK yarns lying about, why will no one knit one or two of them commercially into plain v-necked sweaters?

Flipboard (still not a patch on dear old Zite) offers what seems to be a preview of a new winter VK, and I don't like anything of what I see. Maybe it'll look better on a printed page.

It's Twelfth Night, isn't it? Time to take the cards down, and put our dear little plastic tree away. Perdita will enjoy that.


  1. It is Twelfth Night - time to wrap it all up. I did no little there is little to put away this year. Glad to hear you had a restful night. Maybe you can find a machine knitter to commission a plain sweater from in the yarn of your choice. I don't machine knit, so don't really have any idea of the feasibility of that!

    1. Brilliant! The next time you are in Edinburgh, you must go to the Distressed Gentlewomen's place on N Castle Street -- I forget what it's really called. People sell things they"be made, and all the proceeds go to the maker. A long-standing charity provides the premises and the staff and heat and light. And they take commissions! When I knit a Christening gown for Kirsty, I took a pattern and some material there and had a Gentlewoman make me a slip to go under it.

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Yup, the day our cards and decorations get put away. When I was growing up in rural Saskatchewan, this was the week for many seasonal greetings in Ukrainian, on local TV, observing Orthodox Christmas. This has long since dropped away, at least the Ukrainian part - my cohort of Canadian-born prairie folk, now in our 60s, was the last group to have, often, a first language other than English. Jean, so glad to hear you had a good night - makes all the difference, doesn't it? An unfortunately occasioned short respite for you. Glad your husband is in reasonably good spirits, hope they get the infection sorted out.
    - Beth in Ontario

  3. Woolovers has a great sale on. Many Gents' sweaters at good prices. Sorry to hear that your husband is back in hospital.

  4. UTI's are nasty and for some reason can cause a lot of mental confusion and disorientation. I have knit with both fir wreath- it's a beautiful green with a bit of blue colour and with Earl Grey- mix of golden Browns and Greys and some grey blue/ it's really striking too! Either is a lively choice