Monday, January 04, 2016

Not much was accomplished today – Sundays are rarely very productive. I like to let the tax rest and simmer down for a few days anyway, if time allows, before I go back and print it all out and finally file it. The tax man no longer asks that you Show Your Working, but I try to do it as thoroughly as if he did.

I've knit about 2 3/4” of Dunfallandy blankie st st border – exactly half of what is required, if I stop at 5 1/2” as I am pretty certain I will. The not-quite-solid red is wonderful to behold.

I am sort of toying with the idea of knitting a v-necked sweater for my husband, as it is continuing to prove impossible to find the thing he wants (which Woolover used to provide). I've got all the workings-out for the sleeveless one recently finished – it wouldn't be too hard to stick on a couple of sleeves.

There is a real chance that I may be able to get away to London at the end of the month, with live-in care here for my husband and Greek Helen on hand to supervise, at least for the beginning. There's no more Goya, but I will certainly go to Loop and would enjoy surveying a range of madtosh DK's in the flesh, so to speak.

I think Tart itself (the shade of the Dunfallandy blankie) might be a possible; it's dark enough not to be too alarming. And my archives ought to tell me the name of the green that disappeared into the jaws of the NHS. My husband doesn't care for blue. Archie's Composition Book Grey isn't quite as wonderful a near-solid as Tart or Whiskey Barrel, and anyway, as we agreed at the beginning, it's got a suggestion of purple in it.

But there might be another possible grey. Or a green. Or a combination – there's one called Fir Wreath. Might be too light. In any case, it will be fun to look.

Shetland lace – yes, Kristen, three unmarried granddaughters remain. What close attention you pay! In a sense, James' and Cathy's younger daughter Kirsty already has a veil. I knit quite a serious Christening shawl for her (and a dress) from Amedro patterns – it has been put away with a note by me suggesting that she wear it at her wedding. It's not as grand as the two recent ones, but it's something. And it incorporates the Calcutta Cup which Scotland won (most unexpectedly) in the year of her birth.

You think I might have time to knit two more? I wonder. But, following the plan outlined yesterday, I could try. Starting with the edging as I plan to do, I wouldn't have to make other design decisions for quite a while.

I had the ambition as recently as a year ago, to knit Sharon Miller's Queen Ring Shawl. I now think that may be too ambitious. I think I will (if this happens at all) aim more for her Wedding Ring Shawl. I would like to attempt a framed centre, such as the Queen Ring Shawl has. And there's one described fairly fully in Heirloom Knitting, but without a formal pattern. But it might be better to aim lower and hope actually to finish.

I ordered two stripey sock sets from Knit Circus. Oh, dear.


When I first saw the Thermopylae swimming pictures (yesterday), I thought I saw steam rising from the water and I thought, indeed, hot springs. On closer inspection, I think it's foam. I will ask Greek Helen.


  1. I do hope you get to London. A well-deserved break and lovely yarn to fondle. I have a skein of stripey Knit Circus sock yarn. I haven't don't more than look at it, however.

  2. Jean, I hope I didn't unnerve you with my comment about the three unmarried granddaughters! You and I had corresponded via the Knitted Lace list around the time that Kirsty was born; I remember you posting about the christening shawl then, and of course it could become a veil!

  3. Was the sweater that disappeared knit from Georgia O'Keefe? I think I remember that you used that for an item and I admired it a lot.

  4. You should try and get down to the Modern Art Gallery. They have an exhibition entitled 'Modern Scottish Women', Anne Redpath, Joan Eardley, etc. It's a lovely exhibition and you get a great lunch at Modern 1. I loved the Paolozzi reconstruction of his studio. Very interesting.