Friday, January 15, 2016

I had a hospital appt with my DVT consultant on Monday; one with a nurse at our general practice on Tuesday to test my blood clotting; a dental hygiene session on Wednesday; and yesterday I went up to Waverley Station to book my tickets to and from London a week hence.

And in all of that potential waiting time, I scarcely got to knit a stitch. Everybody dealt with me as soon as I turned up. What has happened to the world? In a normal week, I would have polished off a whole sock.

So I've got the tickets. I'm going down on Sunday the 24th. I have established that Loop is closed on Monday – otherwise I would have shot off there on the 25th. I am having a nice time thinking what (other than Loop) I want to see.

It occurred to me that I might drop in on the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall and see the Rubens ceiling. My husband and I have often remarked to each other, as we inched up or down Whitehall on the good old 159 bus, that that is something we ought to do. (I think he has seen it, long ago. I never have.)

But I have found that it is chiuso per restauro although they didn't phrase it like that.

And before any of this happens, I've got to finish and file the income tax. No kidding about that.


I am ready to finish off the first part of the Dunfallandy blankie border with the current increase round and the subsequent plain one – that will give me 19 increases amounting, if I've done it right, to 38 rounds – near enough the prescribed 40. I think I counted once and found that there are then 18 more rounds to do in the garter-band section, still increasing every other round.

Plenty still to do, but I'm getting there. The new skein from Loop, which has turned up with remarkable speed, looks rather light. Maybe I won't need it? Maybe lightness will look good as a final edging?

Here's the picture of Perdita in the catalogue room which Blogger wouldn't let me show you yesterday, demonstrating that lameness needn't interfere with a cat's activities.


  1. Jean, it's wonderful to see Perdita again. Thank you for persevering with posting the photo.

  2. What fun to plan what to see on a free couple of days. I never got to Loop on my few days in London. Too much else to walk around and gape at. The poppies at the Tower was a highlight. Especially listening to all the conversations around me. One of my favorite parts of traveling alone is the eavesdropping.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    How lovely that you're going to London! Thanks for the CATalogue picture!
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Ha! That's a very organized room! I hope your trip to London is VERY fun and not too cold. I bet you are very excited about getting away.

  5. We have what we call the archive - but a whole catalogue room, how marvellous!