Monday, January 18, 2016

Not much today, but I did write this last night:

The big news is that I have filed the income tax. They say they owe us a little bit of money. That is nice not only because it is always nice to have a little bit of unexpected money, but also because it saves me having to figure out how to pay them. I think last year they wanted a small payment and preferred not to have a cheque and it took me an anxious while to figure out how to oblige before the deadline.

So that felt great for half an hour and then I began to notice Life's Other Problems, all lining up asking for attention. I must now write out a Programme of the Day for the live-in carer and Helen.

This final section of the Dunfallandy blankie border involves only four four-row bands, two facing one way and two the other. I have finished the first and am halfway through the second. The present skein won't last all that much longer but I'm pretty sure the one that was lost and is now found will be enough to finish. Indeed I could conceivably get it done this week.


  1. I always feel so relieved when the income tax is finally filed.

  2. Well done on the tax. Haven't started mine yet!

  3. I always rely on you to make me feel better about my tax return procrastination! Congratulations on filing with everything else that's going on. Must get on to mine...

  4. I am happy that US tax filing deadline is in April. So soon after the holidays would be extremely stressful. Nice that the Program of the Day will be for someone else for a few days!

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Congratulations on getting the income tax done. Interesting, isn't it. how Life's Other Problems hide behind an urgent task and then come screaming out for attention?
    - Beth in Ontario